Rain Rain, Do Come Again

The first rains of college today, i.e. first time its rained since college started. *sigh*. I love the rainy days. They actually help you forget about global warming.

Rainy days are meant for dancing outside, playing in the mud and relaxing with a cup of coffee afterwards and that is exactly what I did. Since most of the class got a bit wet while going to attend a lecture, our teacher cancelled coz she didnt want water flooding her classroom. Since college was officially over for the day, me and my crazy friends plunged in a little pool that had formed on the lawns and went nuts. We jumped, kicked water, sang songs, clicked pictures and had "Hydro Therapy" by sitting on the staircases and having water go down our backs.

At the end of an hour, when the rain subsided to a trickle we finally hauled ourselves over to the canteen to down cups of coffee and eat everything that was available. The rain wet us top to bottom and whetted our appetites as well. Then, we realized we had to get home still pretty wet. So, covered tightly in our shawls and wraps we made our way home and got chilled to the bone. But, still we had a great time!

All this reminded me that it had been years since any of us had had the chance to go out and be little kids all over again. The rain gave us a chance to forget our relations advice about not catching colds coz we'd miss school and what not. Its remembering all that we used to be and the times we enjoyed the simplest things in life.
We all miss being young and carefree, dont we? We look for different ways and spent incessant time going through photographs to go back in time, but often enough we miss out on the unchanging parts of life that can stir up more memories than all else.

I think I'll be getting drenched a lot more this monsoon and being a child all over else. Its fun. You should try it too.

Signing Out,
Still Dancing In The Rainy Memories


Why God, Why?

We have this rather interesting teacher at college. She teaches something termed International Relations which in my opinion is far from what we've actually learnt in the past few lectures.

We know a lot about nothing at the moment, coz apparently all was taught to us when we entered class 9th and it is supposed to have stayed stuck in our memory banks for 4 long years. We have tried to convince maam that our long term memory isnt quite what it used to be but that is dismissed with a royal wave of her hand. Very happily she'll declare "karna hai toh karo" and some other phrases roughly sounding like "bakri toh halaal honi hi hai", "ussi train mein, ussi corridor mein" and "bakra toh tumhara hi jayega naa dukaan par?"

We got homework in the first 10 minutes of the first lecture, which was to find the difference between Colonialism and Imperialism. Now which intelligent person would do homework when we have the happy option of not doing it?
Some of my college chums, who are I believe short of hearing actually did research on the topic and come. (As did I, but nothing more than satisfying myself by typing the words in wikipedia).

The next class, a long drawn, unending, mediviel, boring, butt-numbing, eyelid-drooping, mouth drooling and not-so-interesting discussion ensued about the two and no one including the students were making sense! (This class, only the history and pol.sc girls make sense)

Finally, desperate to know the difference between them we begged for the answer.
Maam opens her mouth, flashes her pearly whites at us
*Drum Roll*
and says:
"Nothing, No difference"
*Stunned silence*
followed by
*More stunned silence*
followed by a whisper announcing
"you stupid woman!!!"

At that point, I actually woke up from my stupor and blinked twice, looked up at the heavens, asked God "why?" and then decided that I'd chosen too big a register for the class and that I had better switch to a small spiral pad.

Teachers like her really (to quote her) get my goat. She teaches us nothing of use, wastes time that we could spend in the canteen and makes me want to punch the teeth through her face. Why cant she act like a normal human if actually being one is beyond her?

Signing Out,
Still Asking God Why?


How The Sunday's Go By

For most of the janta, sundays mean some much needed R&R and time to catch up with family or friends or the latest movie releases. For students of Delhi Public School, they meant hectic preparation and last minute revision for the much dreaded "MONDAY TEST".

Since I entered class 6th, my sunday entertainment was limited to a leisurely 45 min lunch without a textbook or maybe one whole hour of TV during dinner. I hated it. I still do. Sunday is bloody well a chutti and should be respected like one.
I (and many others) strongly condemn the crappy, insensitive, preposterous school authorities who take away our sundays. Its damn irritating and really pisses kids off.

Today is a different matter. Once again, my sundays mean a chance to wake at 11, stay idle and lifeless till 1, get dressed by 2 and switching on my brains by say 4 or 5. College beats me up so bad on Saturdays, when getting free by 4 is a godsend that no objections are raised at my lazy ass on a sunday. I can watch DVDs, lounge in my PJ's, watch tv and not worry about impending assignments till 9 in the night. I can order lunch from a restaurant and then sleep an hour or two more complaining about the rich food and desi ghee.
I can (and i will) surf the internet without having any real purpose just because I have the time. I will call up all my friends just to say "Hi", have a really short meaningless conversation and keep the phone down. I will argue with my grandad about whether we should watch Prithviraj Chauhan or a decent movie (I'm for the movie) during dinner coz I dont have to go and revise for my test. I will stand on the terrace looking at the sky with my cell switched off coz nobody wants to know the syllabus or have a doubt cleared.
I will play with my dog, take him for a long long walk and try to teach him a trick. I will spend time annoying my mum and not letting her sleep. I will read TOI and laugh at Bachi Karkaria's column till however long I want. I will wander about the house trying to find a hair clip or piece of paper that I have probably thrown out years ago. I will try and take pictures of the rain on my windows. I will call up my school teachers and chat with them.
And I will spend about 10 minutes racking my brains trying to figure out how I will do all of this in 7 hours.

And in case I cannot do all of the above today or feel too lazy to be bothered I needn't worry, I have plenty more sundays to look forward to!!

Signing Out,
A Sun(day) Worshipper


I Love The Radio

The Radio is this amazing and wonderful means of communication that for reasons that are best unknown to me, is losing out to TV and the net.
Till around 4:28 this afternoon, it would have taken close to a million dollars (cash) to convince me that Radio is better than TV, but now I have firmly become a Radio Fan.

It started with a workshop in college about radio scripting, which gave me ample time to catch up on my sleep and talk to the class. But when I did read out my script, which was appreciated I felt this little tinge of excitement in the proceedings. The very prospect of recording my script in a radio format, on the 9th day of college is very humbling. Frenzied activity ensued as everybody started editing and perfecting their lines.

Finally my turn came. Even though I was allowed only 15 seconds to say the lines, the thrill of feeling like One-Sixteenth of a Radio Jockey was pure bliss. I felt like this exalted creature who along with 39 others would know how they would sound on air.

Unfortunately, I wasnt really declared an RJ prodigy but I was told that I sound appealing and a little more practice would help me get a stint on the local stations. That had me instantly pegged onto the marvels of Radio.

I plan to write many many more Radio Scripts coz one of them may just be selected for the DU radio or any other channel. Ideas of topics are welcome!

Signing Out,
I Sound Sexy On The Radio


A Note On Special Friends

Every now and then, I have this overriding urge to feel special.

And what better way to do that than through my friends?

Some friends are special, coz they are there since I was a lil girl. Others are really close to my heart. And then there are others who just make me smile, no matter how.

Those days I call up my best friends and rake up old memories of my birthday and feel like a princess :D
Or I chat with a friend who now lives all the way in US and knowing that he'll wake up at an ungodly hour to chat is nice.

Or I open my mobile and scroll down to a message from this one friend who has a knack for making me feel like the best thing that happened to mankind in general.
He isnt Mr. Rich or Mr. All rounder or Mr. WOW! He is a normal everyday boy who has a good heart. He is a really special friend among our group of friends. Armed with a charming smile and an infectious excitement, its hard to believe he is 4 years my senior because he never lets me feel that way. He is simply, how to put it, a true friend. Maybe not a best friend or a bachpan ka dost or anything, but always true to me and himself.
He is sweet, silly, funny, intelligent and always ready to laugh.

So, one post dedicated to my special friends, and to "Bunty"!
Written purely to see the smile on Adi's face.

Signing out,
Feeling Really Special

The Shipping News

I love books! I cannot see myself surviving for very long if I am told to not read them. The last book I read, made me think and feel more than any other book has in a long time (considering i read 3 mistakes before this one and that was CRAP). So, I thought you might like a little review of the book.

Every once in a while comes along a novel that isnt really spectacular in its theme or brilliant in the portrayal of the characters. Neither is it rich and cultural nor is it going to change the world as you see it for ever.

Every once in a while, comes a novel that captures hold of your attention by the sheer simplicity of it. It shows a world whose existence everybody is aware of, but whose description from an unbiased eye catches one unaware.

"The shipping news" by Annie Proulx is one such novel. It is the story of a man who has been living with only unhappiness, cannot imagine a life without pain or suffering and how he comes to terms to finally being accepted for what he is. It follows a family who go back to their ancesteral home hoping to find that one missing piece to complete their lives. They find themselves, happiness, acceptance and most importantly, a reason to believe in life.
It is a beautiful tale that made me sympathize and wish for the best for every character, laugh and cry to read about the people living with their mistakes and regrets, showed me a whole new side to human nature and to believe wholeheartedly in new beginnings.

It is a pulitzer prize winning book and also a movie, thouroughly deserving both.

Signing out,
A Huge Fan


The First

Hmm, my first post on a brand new blog. I'm excited, a tad apprehensive and not too sure about what to write as of now..
Well, the first question would be, "whats with the purple brains?"
The answer: A friend's nickname for me, meaning i have a silly streak in me.
Actually, i have a lot of streaks in me. They come and go, sometimes stay what seems like forver and other times, vanish in thin air.

So, this purple brained girl is going to be saying a lot of things which you may or may not agree with. Do comment and share your views. Its always nice to know what the rest of the world wants to say!

Signing out now,
Purple Brains