The First

Hmm, my first post on a brand new blog. I'm excited, a tad apprehensive and not too sure about what to write as of now..
Well, the first question would be, "whats with the purple brains?"
The answer: A friend's nickname for me, meaning i have a silly streak in me.
Actually, i have a lot of streaks in me. They come and go, sometimes stay what seems like forver and other times, vanish in thin air.

So, this purple brained girl is going to be saying a lot of things which you may or may not agree with. Do comment and share your views. Its always nice to know what the rest of the world wants to say!

Signing out now,
Purple Brains


ishita-dasgupta said...

well...hello there!
the purple brained girl had better start saying something...i'm waiting!!! :D

tk cr...n wish u luck!

arnav said...

Hey girl!
Great to see your blog up and running. Hoping to see some really interesting stuff from the purple brains, and some food for thought as well..
Besta Luck!

Divya said...

u so do have loads of streaks..red ones right..lol

cool..have fun girl..tc..n keep updating me with this..

ishita-dasgupta said...

hey ppl!
sorry for using this blog to advertise my own...but i cant help it!
everybody here...arnav n dobby n all..
pls visit my blog...which i just created yesterday..
u r free to leave comments...in fact i INSIST that u do! :P

iya iya o! :P

neha said...

hey...gr8 going girl!!! Hope to see new stuff everyday...will surely drop by nd check it regularly...cheers!!!

ayushi said...

do write everyday gurl!