How The Sunday's Go By

For most of the janta, sundays mean some much needed R&R and time to catch up with family or friends or the latest movie releases. For students of Delhi Public School, they meant hectic preparation and last minute revision for the much dreaded "MONDAY TEST".

Since I entered class 6th, my sunday entertainment was limited to a leisurely 45 min lunch without a textbook or maybe one whole hour of TV during dinner. I hated it. I still do. Sunday is bloody well a chutti and should be respected like one.
I (and many others) strongly condemn the crappy, insensitive, preposterous school authorities who take away our sundays. Its damn irritating and really pisses kids off.

Today is a different matter. Once again, my sundays mean a chance to wake at 11, stay idle and lifeless till 1, get dressed by 2 and switching on my brains by say 4 or 5. College beats me up so bad on Saturdays, when getting free by 4 is a godsend that no objections are raised at my lazy ass on a sunday. I can watch DVDs, lounge in my PJ's, watch tv and not worry about impending assignments till 9 in the night. I can order lunch from a restaurant and then sleep an hour or two more complaining about the rich food and desi ghee.
I can (and i will) surf the internet without having any real purpose just because I have the time. I will call up all my friends just to say "Hi", have a really short meaningless conversation and keep the phone down. I will argue with my grandad about whether we should watch Prithviraj Chauhan or a decent movie (I'm for the movie) during dinner coz I dont have to go and revise for my test. I will stand on the terrace looking at the sky with my cell switched off coz nobody wants to know the syllabus or have a doubt cleared.
I will play with my dog, take him for a long long walk and try to teach him a trick. I will spend time annoying my mum and not letting her sleep. I will read TOI and laugh at Bachi Karkaria's column till however long I want. I will wander about the house trying to find a hair clip or piece of paper that I have probably thrown out years ago. I will try and take pictures of the rain on my windows. I will call up my school teachers and chat with them.
And I will spend about 10 minutes racking my brains trying to figure out how I will do all of this in 7 hours.

And in case I cannot do all of the above today or feel too lazy to be bothered I needn't worry, I have plenty more sundays to look forward to!!

Signing Out,
A Sun(day) Worshipper


ishita-dasgupta said...

nice one! but i wish i cud say d same abt my sunday...as in 2day! :(
u KNOW d kinda week i've bin havin...wat wid d classes n dance rehearsals n all..
n i had 2 get up at 7 on d only off-day 4m colg!
bt d day was gr8 even den...had a gud time..
but i totally agree wid d MT thing...its such HUGE relief not 2 b worryin abt sum goddamn exam...n bugging u wid d syllabus n last minute revision n stuff.. :)

Aaron said...

Haha, that was lovely! I do hope you get to do all this stuff.. Chill and relax..

ayushi said...

soo true! frm the past 4 yrs i've actually forgotten the meaning of a goddamn sunday. bt frankly speaking frm the last 2 months or so ever since CEE all my days r as gud as sundays!! maybe it hs made up fr all the sundays i've missed out on.. or maybe nt!
neway serious colls starting next week so i cn forget abt sundays nw!

Gunny said...

people actually studied for mt's..whoa!
physics,chem,maths..study or dont study,you're gonna flunk anyway..pe,eng no need to study :P


Anonymous said...

Isn't it a good feeling.."to find your calling". Cliched as it may sound sweetheart...but I feel that you have found exactly that!
Keep these blogs coming....I appreciate you letting me take a peek into you..your life
luv ya

Ketan said...

Yes, you know what's perfection. Just enjoy it!