I Love The Radio

The Radio is this amazing and wonderful means of communication that for reasons that are best unknown to me, is losing out to TV and the net.
Till around 4:28 this afternoon, it would have taken close to a million dollars (cash) to convince me that Radio is better than TV, but now I have firmly become a Radio Fan.

It started with a workshop in college about radio scripting, which gave me ample time to catch up on my sleep and talk to the class. But when I did read out my script, which was appreciated I felt this little tinge of excitement in the proceedings. The very prospect of recording my script in a radio format, on the 9th day of college is very humbling. Frenzied activity ensued as everybody started editing and perfecting their lines.

Finally my turn came. Even though I was allowed only 15 seconds to say the lines, the thrill of feeling like One-Sixteenth of a Radio Jockey was pure bliss. I felt like this exalted creature who along with 39 others would know how they would sound on air.

Unfortunately, I wasnt really declared an RJ prodigy but I was told that I sound appealing and a little more practice would help me get a stint on the local stations. That had me instantly pegged onto the marvels of Radio.

I plan to write many many more Radio Scripts coz one of them may just be selected for the DU radio or any other channel. Ideas of topics are welcome!

Signing Out,
I Sound Sexy On The Radio


Gunny said...

thought you were gonna post your recording online,i'm really waiting to listen to the newest RJ in town,

ishita-dasgupta said...

i luv d way u sign out gal! its rly cool :P
n i SO wich u'd gone wid d original idea 4 d radio show...bt den...gud goin anyway!
tk cr

anty_anand said...

Aah, I see a fan. Thanks very much!

To both of you!

ayushi said...

i agree wid iya .. luv the way u sign out .. n do send me a tape of ur radio recording .. u do sound pretty gud on mic atleast ..

Aaron said...

And me as well!!

Mujhe bhul naa jaana!