A Note On Special Friends

Every now and then, I have this overriding urge to feel special.

And what better way to do that than through my friends?

Some friends are special, coz they are there since I was a lil girl. Others are really close to my heart. And then there are others who just make me smile, no matter how.

Those days I call up my best friends and rake up old memories of my birthday and feel like a princess :D
Or I chat with a friend who now lives all the way in US and knowing that he'll wake up at an ungodly hour to chat is nice.

Or I open my mobile and scroll down to a message from this one friend who has a knack for making me feel like the best thing that happened to mankind in general.
He isnt Mr. Rich or Mr. All rounder or Mr. WOW! He is a normal everyday boy who has a good heart. He is a really special friend among our group of friends. Armed with a charming smile and an infectious excitement, its hard to believe he is 4 years my senior because he never lets me feel that way. He is simply, how to put it, a true friend. Maybe not a best friend or a bachpan ka dost or anything, but always true to me and himself.
He is sweet, silly, funny, intelligent and always ready to laugh.

So, one post dedicated to my special friends, and to "Bunty"!
Written purely to see the smile on Adi's face.

Signing out,
Feeling Really Special


ishita-dasgupta said...

which one is me?????????

n wats wid d bunty thing?? adi's latest eccentricity??? :P

anty_anand said...

Ur obviously the best friend, DUH!

Yes, adi's latest. Interesting.

arnav said...

Awww, our lil princess! I'd get up at any ungodly hour to chat bacha.. But to get proper public acknowledgement.. That very gratifying..

aditya razdan said...

hey thank you so much for this i love it and bunty was prerna's suggestion coz she thinks i make a great bunty and she will also name her(r) 1st kid bunty... cool name na???

ayushi said...

which one is me?? which one is me??
n adi does deserve a post man!! the sorta thngs he comes up wid.. dude he deserves some blog space!

Anonymous said...

: )]