Rain Rain, Do Come Again

The first rains of college today, i.e. first time its rained since college started. *sigh*. I love the rainy days. They actually help you forget about global warming.

Rainy days are meant for dancing outside, playing in the mud and relaxing with a cup of coffee afterwards and that is exactly what I did. Since most of the class got a bit wet while going to attend a lecture, our teacher cancelled coz she didnt want water flooding her classroom. Since college was officially over for the day, me and my crazy friends plunged in a little pool that had formed on the lawns and went nuts. We jumped, kicked water, sang songs, clicked pictures and had "Hydro Therapy" by sitting on the staircases and having water go down our backs.

At the end of an hour, when the rain subsided to a trickle we finally hauled ourselves over to the canteen to down cups of coffee and eat everything that was available. The rain wet us top to bottom and whetted our appetites as well. Then, we realized we had to get home still pretty wet. So, covered tightly in our shawls and wraps we made our way home and got chilled to the bone. But, still we had a great time!

All this reminded me that it had been years since any of us had had the chance to go out and be little kids all over again. The rain gave us a chance to forget our relations advice about not catching colds coz we'd miss school and what not. Its remembering all that we used to be and the times we enjoyed the simplest things in life.
We all miss being young and carefree, dont we? We look for different ways and spent incessant time going through photographs to go back in time, but often enough we miss out on the unchanging parts of life that can stir up more memories than all else.

I think I'll be getting drenched a lot more this monsoon and being a child all over else. Its fun. You should try it too.

Signing Out,
Still Dancing In The Rainy Memories


debojit said...

it would b wrong 2 say that i liked it. its something more than that. i actually enjoyed reading it coz i could actually visualize it. it was like i was already there. it made me laugh....specially the 2nd paragraph. anyways the bottom line is that i enjoyed reading her recent blog like all her other blogs.

ishita-dasgupta said...

aawww! i so luv d sound of d kinds stuff u guyz did...must hav bin fun!!! :)
even i had a fun day...me n my frnz decided 2 jump in2 evry puddle thr was on d street, often goin out of r way 2 do d same! :P
so i've not exactly lost d "kid" in me who cn respond 2 stuff lyk dat...u do kno jst HOW ALIVE dat kid IS in me! :P

arnav said...

*sigh*, i miss those days as well. Nice post, very sentimental.

You still did catch a cold and have sore throat, but i guess it was worth it.

ayushi said...

reminds me of the tyms we hd in schul drenching in the rain during breaks most of the tym n playing basketball when the courts were starting to luk lyk pools .. GOD! .. those were the days!