The Shipping News

I love books! I cannot see myself surviving for very long if I am told to not read them. The last book I read, made me think and feel more than any other book has in a long time (considering i read 3 mistakes before this one and that was CRAP). So, I thought you might like a little review of the book.

Every once in a while comes along a novel that isnt really spectacular in its theme or brilliant in the portrayal of the characters. Neither is it rich and cultural nor is it going to change the world as you see it for ever.

Every once in a while, comes a novel that captures hold of your attention by the sheer simplicity of it. It shows a world whose existence everybody is aware of, but whose description from an unbiased eye catches one unaware.

"The shipping news" by Annie Proulx is one such novel. It is the story of a man who has been living with only unhappiness, cannot imagine a life without pain or suffering and how he comes to terms to finally being accepted for what he is. It follows a family who go back to their ancesteral home hoping to find that one missing piece to complete their lives. They find themselves, happiness, acceptance and most importantly, a reason to believe in life.
It is a beautiful tale that made me sympathize and wish for the best for every character, laugh and cry to read about the people living with their mistakes and regrets, showed me a whole new side to human nature and to believe wholeheartedly in new beginnings.

It is a pulitzer prize winning book and also a movie, thouroughly deserving both.

Signing out,
A Huge Fan


arnav said...

thanks yaar. i needed a push to get on with this one and got it.

nice review. you're good.

ishita-dasgupta said...

nice! i rly wanna read dis now!!!
if u've got a personal copy...DO NOT 4get 2 get it 4 me d nxt tym v meet...n pls pls dont 4get 2 take d goddamn chetan bhagat 4m me either! i've actually reached a point where i cant stand d mere sight of d novel!

Gunny said...

hmm interesting review,can i borrow the book,although i am reading 3 books at the same time.

ayushi said...

is it one of those we bought at rajouri??
want to read ths one!