Why God, Why?

We have this rather interesting teacher at college. She teaches something termed International Relations which in my opinion is far from what we've actually learnt in the past few lectures.

We know a lot about nothing at the moment, coz apparently all was taught to us when we entered class 9th and it is supposed to have stayed stuck in our memory banks for 4 long years. We have tried to convince maam that our long term memory isnt quite what it used to be but that is dismissed with a royal wave of her hand. Very happily she'll declare "karna hai toh karo" and some other phrases roughly sounding like "bakri toh halaal honi hi hai", "ussi train mein, ussi corridor mein" and "bakra toh tumhara hi jayega naa dukaan par?"

We got homework in the first 10 minutes of the first lecture, which was to find the difference between Colonialism and Imperialism. Now which intelligent person would do homework when we have the happy option of not doing it?
Some of my college chums, who are I believe short of hearing actually did research on the topic and come. (As did I, but nothing more than satisfying myself by typing the words in wikipedia).

The next class, a long drawn, unending, mediviel, boring, butt-numbing, eyelid-drooping, mouth drooling and not-so-interesting discussion ensued about the two and no one including the students were making sense! (This class, only the history and pol.sc girls make sense)

Finally, desperate to know the difference between them we begged for the answer.
Maam opens her mouth, flashes her pearly whites at us
*Drum Roll*
and says:
"Nothing, No difference"
*Stunned silence*
followed by
*More stunned silence*
followed by a whisper announcing
"you stupid woman!!!"

At that point, I actually woke up from my stupor and blinked twice, looked up at the heavens, asked God "why?" and then decided that I'd chosen too big a register for the class and that I had better switch to a small spiral pad.

Teachers like her really (to quote her) get my goat. She teaches us nothing of use, wastes time that we could spend in the canteen and makes me want to punch the teeth through her face. Why cant she act like a normal human if actually being one is beyond her?

Signing Out,
Still Asking God Why?


ayushi said...

what a woman man!!! these r the kinda ppl who make u feel lyk kicking ur own butt fr actually attending such classes ..

Aaron said...



What with her?

Gunny said...

you do know my height of boredom these days? would have happily researched it for you :/

ishita-dasgupta said...

hahaha...luvd ur article!
dis woman sounds srsly intrstin yaar...i SO wish i cud hav classes wid her! u kno how i luv havin debates n discussions wid ppl lyk dat.. :P
but yeah...i do feel sry 4 u tho...wudnt lyk 2 b "taught" by sum1 lyk her..

Tassie Rosamond said...

this may be hard to believe, but there will come a day when you miss college and those annoying professors....adult living is really overrated! I enjoyed your post!