The After-Hours Campus

Aren't college romances fun? The feeling of entering a whole new territory. Getting to know everything and anything. Settling down into a rhythm and enjoying the comfortable familarity. I'm going through much the same right now. Only difference being, I'm in love with the college and the campus, after the usual hours! Its great being in the class and having the usual fun. After most of the college is empty and we are still there, idling away or just having finished a particularly long day, there is a whole new charm to the place.

The Canteen and The Hostel in particular. I could spend a small but sizeable fourtune in the canteen over the span of three years. I love everything they serve, especially because there is a lot to choose from and I love food in general. My daily minimum requirement is a plate of Rajma Chawal. If my appetite is then satisfied (which is rare!), I opt for a glass of lemon and lime soda. If not, then I buy more and more food till I remember that I alone am not responsible for the funding of the place. The canteen wala knows my face now, since I always go to take my friend's order of Maggi. The main guy running the place is probably fed up of me coz I forget to get change for 50 bucks, day after day. I strike up a conversation with the sweet lady incharge of biscuits and chocolates and will surely write her biography some day. We, as a group simply sit and chat, read books, listen to music or make jokes about people. After which, we either amble off detachedly to a class or to our next favourite place, The Hostel!

The Hostel does not allow non-hostelers to enter, so we just lounge right in front of the entrance where there is a convienently placed bench. We sit here, laugh, talk nonsense, discuss burning class issues (such as what CC did today) and in general really confuse and upset the matron. We jump at the opportunity to play with the resident cat. We sing, take photographs (an unholy amount of them), dance and make pertinent fools of ourselves in general. And then there are the Quotable Quotes. A new quote everyday! The most frequent one heard emanating from there is "Hey Bagwan!!!", a sort of wordplay on blasphemy. After all this is done and we realize its almost mid afternoon (say 2.30 - 3) we decide to work our way to the Metro Station.

Amid all the other things we do at college, the canteen to campus to hostel routine has become our favourite and fitted in perfectly with the schedule we have. It'll probably be the most prominent memory of our college days and I'm sure the best as well.

Signing Out,
Canteen - Hostel Addict


ishita-dasgupta said...

dat was such an amazingly-feel-gud post! :)
loved it! makes me think of our colg canteen n chaupal..

arnav said...

Hehe, maggi and rajma? girl you have weird combos.. i pity ur digestive tract!

Aman said...

The first feeling that comes to my mind after reading "The After-Hours Campus" post of yours is that of resentment,acrimony and jealousy.

With completely obvious reasons.

Coming to the post part,
Well,I must say that you do have a very well-maintained if not posh canteen.
And the fact that you guys love it so much makes it even more classic.Classic in the finest sense..

And to your work,
Very well crafted.
Brings out the finest points out of your not-one-of-the-best colleges[from what i've been told].
I sincerely appreciate your fluency and the quirky terms that you have used.

Well done!

A A* post!

ayushi said...

m soo jealous of u considering neither my coll is at such a convenient dist frm my place nor do i hv tht kinda frenz to really hang out wid over here .. damn u!!!

anty_anand said...

HA HA HA!!!!!

Nilay Kumar said...

well... wat can i say... u guyz r back dere at home... eating watever u want...
in my mess d veg section is pathetic... plus d non-veg section is 10 times better dan it ( just luv it)... so nw i eat non-veg every day...
will dat affect my health??
but surely will affect ma habits.. :(

Nupur said...

hey, nice blog.
wish you could add the pronunciation of hey bagwan here, would have been fun.
by the way, there's not one but four resident cats of the hostel. and the hostel security guard has a misconception about the number of cats in the hostel. He says there are 14, but there are only four.Oh, and why didnt you bother putting some names in between except cc, who's namkaran has been changed to ccd!!!
Anyways, it was nice.

Your hostler friend,

anty_anand said...

hehe, i think i can put videos here too.. so we can make a video of all of us going whopee and hey bagwan..
I didnt put in names coz unki discussion hum kam karte hain!