Again, The Valley Cries

The Valley
by Antara Anand

The valley burns as we watch
The valley dies as we speak
We shout again for our rights
We protest to show we have a voice
In the guise of being fair and true
In the name of God so pure
We stifle the last shreds of humanity
We kill the last notions of our unity

Blames run amok, pointed fingers rise
Accusations spread like a fire in the wild
One wonders if either has tried to see
Life from the other side
They say even God will fail here
They say nothing prevails here
No hope, no present past or future
No one to realize the simple truth that

'Tis not our valley to claim
'Tis not our place to even try
It belongs to love, to peace and life
It lives in its own to survive
The valley burns in our desire
The valley is haunted by our fears
Someday there will be no more fire
Drowned away in the valley's tears..

The Jammu & Kashmir Valley is one of the most terror stricken and conflicted parts of India. As the riots take place in Jammu, it burns away the essence of our beautiful valley. As it suffers from either communal riots or militancy, we lose a part of our country, ourselves. Maybe as a student, I cannot contribute to bring about peace at the moment, but I do believe in the power of prayers. If nothing else, my prayer may help one person suffering in J&K. It's worth it. Let's all try that, shall we?
After all, we have nothing to lose and they have so much to gain.

Signing Out,
Praying For Peace


ishita-dasgupta said...

i beg to disagree gal...d valley IS OURS!
how dare u say its not ours 2 claim???

lol! very well written yaar...rly rly gud one!
n ya u needn't reply 2 dis comments...i DO kno wat u mean! :)

ishita-dasgupta said...


anty_anand said...

The valley as an entity belongs to the ethnic tribe of the area, not to politicians and mobs and "religious" bodies.. Its the same as Biharis n UP walas protesting against sealing just coz it stops them from screwing up delhi..


ishita-dasgupta said...

i thot i said... I KNO WAT U MEAN!!!

arnav said...

Oh, nice..

Gunny said...