A Child Asked God

The Gift
by Antara Anand

A child walked down the road with a copy
Letting no one look inside
No one would ever know what was written
This the child then swore.
Stopped when dark clouds thundered
Stopped under the shade of a tree
Mixing a tear with the rain
Let out a simple plea for mercy

Asked God "what had I done,
To deserve this from you?
You bless the others with such talents
Couldnt you bless me too?"
As the child stopped crying,
a calm voice he heard
Looked around to find not a soul
From whom came these words

"What talent do you lack my child?
Tell me, tell me now" The child replied
"I lack the ability to be logical,
I donot ask the question how
I cannot do calcuations
I donot want to know of the sciences
All I have is the ability to write
To put on paper what I see
Tell me is that any talent?
What use is it to me?"

Came the voice again, it said
"My child, you have the gift of words.
You have the priviledge to let
Men express what they feel
They look to you to say what they
Want but can never chance to say
You are a poet of the heart
You break open the wax seal
That silences the world to know
The emotions it can feel"

Still not convinced the child asked
"Then why do they laugh at me so?"
God said, "Because they admire you,
Jealous they can be, didnt you know?
They cannot use the ink like you can
Words escape their hands
They wish to be the wizard that you are
Using the pen as your wand."

The rain then stopped, the clouds parted
A change had taken place.
From under the tree came a child
No longer afraid, with a smile
Everybody would one day see what he had
Written, this the child then swore.

Signing Out,
Feeling For That Child


ishita-dasgupta said...

gud one again! :)

i feel jealous of dat child rite now...coz i cn never 4 d life of me rite poems lyk u!!! :(

Gunny said...

I'll second ishita's comment..!
and awesome poem yaar!

anty_anand said...

thnx guys :)

arnav said...

Waah Waah.. Lovely!
You could do a whole collection.

Anonymous said...

Anty.. it got tears in my eyes ...what a prolific writer u are!!!!!

Pretty Lady