The Fresher Files

16/07/08 : First Day Of College. Sucked. One thought running through my head, I aint gonna make any friends.

18/07/08 : Life's looking up. Will make friends. No sweat. The birds chirp once again.

22, 23, 24/07/08 : We have it all. The best course, interesting seniors, fun teachers, professional work and two very sweet classmates giving us a great birthday treat.

25/07/08: Wonderful day, Wonderful treat (thanks Vindhya and Mahima), Wonderful pix and memories.

26/07/08 : THE MOST BORING WORKSHOP EVER! Positively mind numbing. We all hated it. We all wanted to sleep. We all simply played around and had a gala time in the audio room.

28/07/08 : An official friends group. The best in the classs for that matter. Personally, I couldnt have found people more like me. Love them already.

1/08/08 : An Information Seminar for United Students (www.unitedstudentsindia.com). Had a lovely time. Looking forward to more fridays like these.

3/08/08: Been close to three weeks since college started and the fucchas are starting to feel old. We didnt get ragged, we didnt bond with any of our seniors, we're expected to know the ins and outs of the course already and we're considered snobs by the other courses!

5/08/08: Admittedly college isnt all that bad, its mostly fun. With a dash of boredom and passiveness thrown in. Today and the day before were definitely better. The Freshers Fest was formally kicked off. Personally, wasnt magnificent but I think I made somewhat of a fool of myself in the "Western Solo Singing" competition. I sound like a nightingale to my own ears, I'm not too sure about the rest. Tomorrow I try out for "Miss Fresher". Lets see what great talents I showcase there.

Signing Out,
No Longer A Fresh Fuccha

P.S. : Happy Birthday Arnav!


arnav said...

*Smirking*, Thanks girl! I thought I would never get any Birthday wishes.

Lovely post,i can see you are thourougly happy with the college.

P.s. Ditch "arnav" now.. Love the name, but I need to get used to Aaron now..

ishita-dasgupta said...

nicely done anty!
even i was thinking doing a journal sort of a thing on colg u kno...jst bin 2 lazy 2 work it out! :P

and @aaron = HAPPY B'DAY!!!!! :D
p.s.: make sure u remember 2 wish me 2mrw!!! :P