Happy Now

This is a poem that somewhat describes the roller coaster ride after the board results, the subsequent struggle for college and the reactions at not having to comprise on course or college.

She's Got It All Now
By Antara Anand

She knows that she's lucky coz
Life's been perfect for a while
All the more reason to forget
The times she barely could smile
She's happy now
She's got it all now

Its been long since she hid her tears
Now looking at the starry skies
She lets go, no need to hide
In the rain when she cries
She's hopeful now
She's got it all now

She can see where she went wrong
And she knows how to turn it around
Looking deep into her soul , the girl
Saw a future waiting to be found
It kept her waiting
Just waiting

Feeling in her heart that this time
Couldnt have been that far away
Knowing that things do work out
She lives for nothing but the day
She's got it right
This time around

You can see the smile on her face
Showing that she's got it all
She's knows that she's lucky coz
She's doesnt have to face any more walls
She's knows by now
She's got it all now

Signing Out,
I Do Have It All Now

P.S. Happy Birthday Ishita!!! Have a great, wonderful, amazing (rest of the) day!!!


Gunny said...

hahaha and you tell me Im good..nice one :)

anty_anand said...

Yeah, you are good!!! just accept it..

ishita-dasgupta said...

never thot abt dis kinda situation in such a profound way!! :P
gud one! :)

ishita-dasgupta said...


arnav said...

So sweet!! really nice..