I Sometimes Talk To Myself

And when I do, this is what I hear. Its like two people inside of me talking away and my role is just to be a silent listener.

~ College tomorrow.. *sigh*
~ What if it were school?
~ I'd be jumping for joy
~ Pretend its school then
~ Not possible
~ Try
~ Shut Up! College tomorrow.. *sigh*

~ I'm Fat
~ Then exercise
~ I'm so Fat!
~ Hello, dude! I said, "Exercise"
~ I make it difficult for me to ignore myself, dont I?

~ God, well does he exist?
~ Hmm, why does it matter?
~ Dunno. If he does, then I can be fatalistic all my life and be happy

~ I ran in a puddle today
~ Why?
~ I felt like feeling like a child who feels like getting wet

~ If I know everything about myself, am I self - actualised? Or am I the next big "guru"?
~ If you do, then you are a miracle. Or you dont have much to know about
~ Why must I rain on my own parade?
~ Ask yourself
~ I dont have the answers. I'm trying to know a me that does
~ Quit confusing your own self

~ (after i wake up) What should I do today?
~ (lazy me) Sleep
~ (active me) Dance
~ (lazy me) Sleep
~ (active me) Paint

~ (lazy me) Sleep
~ (active me) Read A Book!

~ (lazy me) Sleep
~ (active me) Atleast brush your teeth first

~ (lazy me) Sleep
~ (active me) Oh WTF! Just sleep!

~ (lazy me) Yayy! Donot disturb!


Gunny said...

Yayy,lets all just sleep :yawn:

Nilay Kumar said...

Aah.. n i thot i knew u properly...
this blog really opened my eyes... lol..

ishita-dasgupta said...

OMG u r mad!!! :P

anty_anand said...

@guneet: sure!

@nilay: yeah that happens

@Iya: dude, this could have very well been "sometimes i talk to my best friends in a rather weird fashion"

arnav said...

What the?!?!?!?!?!?

Btw, Venice rocks!

ishita-dasgupta said...

@anty = lol! i agree.. :P

@arnav = dont u DARE 4get d photos!!!

Nupur said...

that's the real anty anand. oh, btw, only insane and mad people can exist in this world. Eg- your blog which perfectly describes the working of an insane brain, george w. bush,ccd[ she's the biggest exampla and will make a great case study on this topic] and list goes on...