Perfetto! Perfecto! Perfekte!

I was in the metro today, when I saw a very pretty girl standing a few feet away from me. She looked perfect and usually I wouldn't have paid any more attention but something kept making me look back. In all her perfection, her immaculate dress, her straight hair, her manicured nails something did not feel right. It wasnt. The left side of her face was completely disfigured. It has been burnt very badly, making it jarring to the eye. Especially when you saw the two sides of her face together.

Not Perfect. Not like I had thought.

Perfection. Do we need it? Never once do we stop and look at our imperfections and see how beautiful they can be, lovable in their own way. Life is and always will be almost perfect. So will all else in it. We look for the perfect world, the perfect solution, the improvement in all things we know to make it perfect. We search for the non-existent.

I am not perfect. I lack so much. I cant sing and dance beautifully like others. I carry on in my own tuneless stepless way. I cant act but I do over-act and emote exaggeratedly. Im not thin but I try to look nice in whatever I wear. I am not logical, not good at science, very bad at maths and my mind tends to jump between reality and fantasy. But I'm happy. Isnt that perfection enough?

Signing Out,
Almost Perfect


ishita-dasgupta said...

hmmmmmm...vry true!
wish evry1 cud tink lyk dat.. :)

ayushi said...

hw cm u've become all philosphical??

Ketan said...

Perfection is when you know you can do something better. The moment you stop feeling the need to refine whatever you do, perfection becomes redundant. I'm not trying to pass a judgment like "one SHOULD always try to keep on improving themselves". So, if you're content with something about your life/yourself, that indeed is YOUR perfection.

But, everyone is different. Some can't stand to see imperfections in what they do, so they try to overcome their imperfections. But, the great irony is that such dispositions are also not permanent. Quite possibly, even the most enthusiastic person might resign to her imperfections, accepting herself for what she'd be. And someday, even you might feel like "doing something so well that it'd be perfect".

What am I trying to state? Just that it's important to recognize and accept ourselves as we're (especially so if that keeps up happy in the present as well as the longer run)--be it one striving for perfection all the times, or one so happy with life that perfection or lack thereof make no difference.