Photo Blogging

Of late I have been taking photos of things that catch my attention. Some of them turned out pretty good and here they are...

Moon above a parking lot

Lights on the road


View of a car from inside my car!

Beggars at a red light

Signing Out,
Purple Brains


mikkidismom said...

Ahemmmm! I beg to differ..whats so great about grainy blurry b&w pictures :-)
ok,ok...maybe these are not bad for a camera phone.
But if you really want to see nice pictures, hereis a link to what one of my co worker clicks...enjoy

P.S. I love u

mikkidismom said...

oops i forgot the link


this is just a link to one of her photo albums...check them all out..now these are good pics

arnav said...

Dunno.. I like 'em.. Esp the moon one..

but then i'm just a kid with no idea.. what's shomee's take on them?

ayushi said...

i lyk the moon one .. rest is all weird .. nice nonetheless keeping in mind ur ability wid the electronic stuff .. :P