Travels With My Card

By nature, I am not a very anxious or nervous person. I'll go with the flow rather than work myself up into a fit. I do try never to worry about things. All that changes though, when I have my metro travel card with me.

The metro card or the "Smart Card" is one anxiety inducing thing in my life. Since I have to use it everyday, it stays with me all the time. When I leave home, my first thought is that I left the card at home. This is followed by a thorough search of my bag, after which the card is discovered in my jeans pocket. When I get to the station, I'm sure I've run out of balance in the card. After I have checked the balance and done the mental calculations as to how many days the money will last, I put a reminder in my mobile to get the card re-charged. As a result, I have reminders after every second day.

I finally get into the train and since my pockets usually have a number of things stuffed inside them, I have to check for the card everytime I take something out. It doesnt matter which pocket it is from, I end up checking just the same. I guess it must look pretty conspicous on the train, but it's a habit now. When I get off, the card goes back into my bag where it is left alone for the day. The entire routine starts again when its evening and I go back home.

Invariably, as it always happens, I lost my card. It must have dropped out when I was fishing my iPod in and out of my pocket. No major loss, close to just 80 bucks. Now I've become more of a nervous wreck than before. I could be lost in the middle of the desert without water, food or any other means of survival but I'll be comforted by the card. I need to see it sitting on my drawer every few hours else I become panicky.

I wish they'd upgrade the cards. Put in some features that'll prevent them for getting lost. Something like, a siren sounding if they fall down. Or maybe, a sign flashing on them saying "Im lost. My owner is so and so. Send me back!". Maybe attach the cards onto the back of the mobile phone. Or ask Dolce&Gabbana to make a stylized necklace of a Smart Card that we could wear everyday!

Signing Out,
Keeping My Card Safe And Sound


Aaron said...

That happens to me as well, when I have dad's credit card with me!!

sweet post!

ishita-dasgupta said...


i totally sympathize n empathize n woteva gal...

nice post! :)

mikkidismom said...

lol...i am exactly like that with my id card at work.
i hate not bringing it with me...because that means you have to have a little sticky stuck to ur shirt while walking around work...ugggh

anty_anand said...

@Aaron: There is a diff b/w a metro card and a credit card!

@Masi: :P

anty_anand said...


Ketan said...

Smarter the card, sacrier would it be. Take care...of the card, of course.

anty_anand said...

I will. Totally.