Who Takes The Blame?

Coming home today, I witnessed a minor incident. Two young boys were on a cycle, going at a very slow speed on the road. At the same time, a really young girl and her slightly elder brother were running on the road. The moment I saw the girl, I knew she would collide with the cycle. As did her brother. Instead of stopping her, he stood and saw her colliding with the wheel and falling. She started to bawl, but instead of helping her up and chastening her for being so careless, he ran off to call his elder brother. Presumably to beat up the two boys. Since those two were really not at fault, I felt it was really unfair towards them. I passed the scene but it kept on coming back to me. Neither the brother nor the boys were ready to claim responsibility for their actions. The brother knew his sister would injure herself, yet did not stop her. The boys did not help the girl up after hitting her. They kept on telling her to shut up and move away. Superficially it seems to be nothing more than the innocence of youth but on a deeper vein, it represents an attitude that affects much of India as well as the world.

No-one wishes to take responsibility for all that is their doing. Politically, not many parties would readily accept the consequences of their actions. Caste and Class based disharmony is rampant during the campaigns. Who will say, "We are sorry we divided a harmonious community on such degrading and antiquated lines."? Nobody. For many reasons. No guts, No accountability, No reason to look back at the mess they create. Duties are tossed from one government organization to the other like a hot coal.

Living in a a somewhat cocooned world till a few months back, I may not be very aware as to how the blame game works in the ground root political system, but I can see it loud and clear on TV. The BJP and Congress seem to spend most of the government sessions blaming the PM. The smaller supporting parties blame the inefficient work of the opposition (even if they are a part of it). The opposition blames the Speaker of the House. The Speaker, poor chap can usually not blame anyone so he blames the rules of his conduct when he takes a lenient or strict stand. When everything and everyone involved in the Lok Sabha has been blamed, suspicion turns to the Rajya Sabha. The Rajya Sabha blames the Lok Sabha back. They both gang up and blame the President, who in turn blames the completely useless post (s)he has been given by the constitution. Then comes the turn of whomsoever even vaguely participated in the framing of our constitution. When all of India is exhausted, blame Musharraf. That done, there are numerous other countries to blame. If by that time, there is still some energy left to blame, God is always there to be a scapegoat. That done, everybody says "It is the will of God" and shuts up.

Those children not taking responsibility for their own actions may seem trivial now but ultimately it's going to be us who'll have to take the blame for not teaching them better.

Signing Out,
Not Wanting To Play The Blame Game


ishita-dasgupta said...

oh hell! dey cud jst "blame it on d rain" instead of goin in2 so much trbl!!! :P

a point well put...n vry intrstingly carried fwd.. rock on! :D

Gunny said...

Funny,i was typing something simillar right now :/
But the indian mentality sucks in such matters sucks bigtime to be honest

anty_anand said...

Thanks guys..

guneet, jaldi post kar naa!

arnav said...

I agree with Iya..they may as well blame it on the rain and be done with it.. But y'know this aint just indian, it is there in other countries as well.. guess its just human nature..

yours, weird, hilarious, reticent, lovable et al. said...

very objective report. cherian would have been impressed. my mom stumbled upon ur logsite recently n she loves u as well as your blogs. she didnt stumble, it was bound to happen considering your address is in the bar..u should have submitted this as the report she asked us to make on an incident. it would have worked n she would have praised you instead of me in class.

anty_anand said...

Thank you so much, now only if you could tell me who you are, coz i have only a lil vague idea..

Ketan said...

Very good observation @ the bicycle incident.

But I'd like to point out how all the flaws of humans you pointed out, were to put it "acts of omission", meaning, the persons were simply passive about averting something undesirable. There's a whole lot of "acts of commission" committed quite deliberately only to harm others. If you take the second fact into consideration, you'll be struck by the seriousness of problems humanity is facing.

You might feel that you've sufficiently lowered the standards of morality and sense of responsibility you'd like to apply to people in general, but there's a margin for lowering the standards further. And from my experience, I can assure that with each passing day, you'd be using up that margin more and more.


anty_anand said...

Actually, I haven't even started to establish a margin that can be lowered because people surprise me everyday with how far they can go, both positively and negatively.

Ketan said...

I'd taken your "Living in a somewhat cocooned world till few months back..." as having established new standards applied to sense of responsibility and morality. And hence the unsolicited advice, for which I hope to be excused :) TC.

anty_anand said...

Definitely excused. :)