Sometimes, I think this is what we were born to do. Be happy, take a walk and leave our exploratory footprints behind. 

Signing Out,
Purple Brains


Sans Moi

Sans Moi, a novel by Marie Desplechin, is a departure from most novels that I've read till now. It's brutally honest as a narrative of two women whose lives become a lifeline for each other, when they need it most.

The characters, Olivia and the author have lives held together by the most fragile of strings. It's almost disconcerting to read about them and wonder when the last string will snap and their world will finally crash. You think, people shouldn't have to live childhoods like Olivia's, but they do. You'll say, love shouldn't be as complicated as it is for the author, but it is. Things shouldn't fall apart at a moments notice so easily but then can we stop them. And grown-ups should have their life all figured out, but then again who does?

The depiction of characters is also very simple leaving them as images of real people in our head, yet not defined enough for us to know them fully. Olivia is a recovering drug addict, sometimes prostitute, chosen by the author to baby-sit her children. Yet, she defies every stereotype of a junkie prostitute. She defies every type cast, yet fits in so well with the world at large. The author is divorcee, mum of two. She moves in life, in the way we move upstream. She crashes, only to be flung back in line by Olivia. The two change the very perspective on relationships altogether.

The book is hilarious sometimes, sometimes sad. The references to Paris are subtle, yet so over powering in their portrayal. The book explores so many emotions that I couldn't help but feel lost in the swirl of feelings that overwhelmed me. Its a wise novel, with the wisdom embedded in chunks of humour. Its a confusing read at times, espcially towards the end, but it all comes together when you look at your own life from the same perspective.

Signing Out,
Still Musing


Hey, I Know Hindi!

I won a poetry recitation competition in college today. It was in Hindi. My. Hindi. Sucks. Especially the spellings. It was unreal hearing my name being announced. I mean, this is a girl who left hindi language when she graduated from class 8th. I can manage colloquial, street, bambaiya and hinglish hindi. The grammatical and textbook one not so much. 

To be honest, i copied a poem from my blog and translated it into hindi, which did take a fair amount of time. And work. Which, then paid off.

Signing Out,


मेरी पहली अछी हिन्दी कविता

The first good hindi poem I've written!

रात का अँधेरा कालीन सा फैला
दुनिया पर जैसे काला श्राप है आया
कौन हटाये इस अंधेर नगर को
कौन रात में राहत लाये
देख किसे दिल झूम उठता है
देख उसे प्यार का नगमा बज पड़ता है
इस से प्रेम हजारों ने किया है
नाम उसे चाँद का दिया है।

कलम हटाते हुए,
हिन्दी की लेखिका


Here With Me

"I didn't hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here

And I don't want to move a thing

It might change my memory

Oh I am what I am, I do what I want, But I can't hide

And I won't go I won't sleep, I can't breathe

Until you're resting here with me

And I won't leave, I can't hide, I cannot be,

Until you're resting here with me

The British artist, Dido probably wrote and sung this song for a boy. For me, it has somewhat different interpretations.

It's for everybody who went away, from sight but not from memory. Family, friends and an occasional friendly face in the crowd. It's for dreams that I've chased across the landscape of life till I woke up. It's for the shining and trusting eyes of childhood that become jaded as we grew up. It's for the belief that I have in all that matters to me. It's for the happiness I thought was given and granted to all. It's for the optimism that at the end of it all, we'll all be where we need to be.

Signing Out,
With Myself



If I were given a brush that changes colours,
I'd change the colours of my life,
I'd change the colours of my world,
I'd change the colours of everybody's world.

I'd paint the crows white again,
Finally set them free from Apollo's ire.
The greys of life in a bright gold,
Add specks of green to a fire.
Colour the deserts with pink, 
With blue, with blacks and white
Put more than just blue in a sky,
Make it infested with permanent kites.

I'd put strokes of orange across the ocean,
Dabs of red in towns and a city's vein
Make the rainforests more purple,
Even if it does seem like a pain.
Take out the flat rolling browns in the plains,
Mix in some yellow and silver.
Take the scarlett from blushing cheeks 
Put it in the bleakest of weathers.

I'd dip the whole world in pink,
If it would stop the wars.
I'd dip the whole world in orange,
If it would bring back those who've gone so far.
I'd put more black and white in my life,
Sometimes I see too many colours.
I'd take out the greens and put more reds
But never make them any duller.

I'd take all the colours that Da Vinci had,
Mix them with those of Rembrandt's.
Put in some of Monet's palette as well,
And I wont forget Van Gogh.
I'll take it all and mix them good,
And add them all to the rainbow,
For seven colours are not enough,
They need all other's in tow.

Signing Out,
Purple(And More Colours) Brains


Surprisingly So

Coming down from the metro platform today, I had a blocked nose and sleepy head. Which meant that I was walking like a zombie and not really noticing things. But still, I did notice something really interesting at the station.

Since I was in a state of blissful oblivion, I didnt see that one of the exit gates at the platform was malfunctioning. It was permanently open and anybody could have walked out without having to check out with their card/token. Since I was half dazed and lost, I did check out the card and walked through, wondering why the gate was already open.

Considering what is heard about people in general, one would expect everybody to take complete advantage of the situation and walk out without having to pay for their metro ride. Expecting to see that, I hung around for 5 minutes near the gates. I didnt! Everybody who came for those five minutes saw the open door, yet checked out with their cards. Nobody took advantge of the freebie being offered, which is astonishing if we think about how Dilli-wallahs love free stuff.

Now, to me this was an eye opener. I never did expect such courtesy for rules and honesty. It's truly heart warming to know that even in the face of an easy freebie, people do what's right. They stick to their morals.

Or they were all as dazed and oblivious as me.

Signing Out,
Pleasantly Surprised



Well, Purple Brains has been out of action for more than a week now! Blame it on her college production schedule. For those who dont know, production is basically making one 10 min TV show/video and one 30 sec radio social message.
Sounds easy, but is really difficult when doing it practically. A thousand things keep coming up here and there and make your heart skip many beats. Its really tiring and exhausting, but worth it all in the end.

So, my video production was the first among all of the groups. Meaning I had no idea what to do and basically had to be prepared for any and every thing. Which I wasnt. I say "my" and "I" coz A. only one other girl in the group worked apart from me. Thanks Dude!!!! B. I was the only one who knew the whole show inside out. So, it was my idea, my script, my direction, my art direction and the other girl's untiring support, help and brains. Thanks again!!!

The show was based on Dance, Bhangra to be precise. I managed to get three of my close friends to be the talents for the show. And the fourth close one to lend me moral support. But if only life were that simple.

First, the idea was changed by the unceremonious butting in of a group member who actually had no idea what the entire concept was about.
Second, the script once written was changed three times by the teacher. That to days before the final shoot.
Third, the talents wanted the script changed. Had to do it.
Fourth, the set wasnt anywhere near ready and came very very close to being an absolute disaster. I thank my friends a.k.a. the PJ group and the aforementioned group member for making the set a success.
Fifth, one of the talents lost her voice. I had to take her place. Try being the director and actor at the same time. Phew!
Sixth, the show ran to only 8 minutes. I need to put 2 minutes worth of stuff in. Where from, is beyond me.
Seventh, I kept on remembering the fact that this was the final thing. This would be shown to the examiner and if it was crap, I lose marks. Period.

Even after all of this, we managed to pull through and make a good show! Although it did necessitate two and a half hours of having a numb ass, frozen limbs and constantly dulling voices and attitudes. The final take went off great, apart from a small glitch that hardly matters now.

Now that the video is done, I shift the focus onto the audio, which is providing an equal share of problems. I have no permission slip to get my talents inside the studio and it is driving me NUTS! Im pretty tempted to change my script to a female centric one and grab my friends again. Again, if only life could be that simple!

Signing Out,
Calmly Losing It



I seem to be becoming a tad bit cynical and losing interest in all things in general. Which is probably not a good thing.

I have lost interest in eating good nutritional food. Gimme pepsi, noodles and all that junk for all I care. Its not like I have a career in modelling awaiting me. I've lost interest in doing homework, because it hardly seem to be worth the effort. Except for the psychology one maybe.

Also gone, is the fanatic pleasure derived from networking sites viz Facebook and Orkut. Ditto for commenting on photos.

Bollywood and Hollywood are boring. Ever since we've started seeing critically acclaimed cinematic masterpieces for a college paper, the crass juvenile toilet humour genre of movies seems sickeningly disgusting. Im sure Rock On! will be an ultra-awesome watch but i truly believe nothing can compare to the baring of human emotions by Selma in Dancer in the Dark.

I am extremely disappointed in some friends at the moment. Apparently they think I talk shit sometimes. NEWS FLASH: Friendship means taking somebody's shit and making a joke out of it.

The telly is a piece of crap as well it seems. Hardly a good show on. And the ones that are absolutely awesome, donot fit in with my timings. (I need a TiVo)

After a month and a half, the thrill of public transportation escapes me. Give me a chauffer any day! Or atleast on Saturdays.

The internet is a bloody bore now. I detest having to read up for doing homework/tv scripts online. Especially when a few people I wait for doggedly on the messenger deign never to show up.

Seems like I've become bored of all that I like and love. I've become disinterested in general. It's sad. Except for chocolate maybe, I still love and adore chocolate the same. After all, somethings you can never tire of.

Signing Out,



People are weird.

Like the woman we see on the metro everyday, who asks us to "adjust". What she doesnt get is that no matter how much we adjust, she is too fat to fit.

Like the college admission incharge, who feels the irrepressible need to take a holiday on the very day that the exam forms need signatures.

Like the people who send you "I would like to do fraandshep with you" requests on Orkut.

Like the person who calls you a "loads of ice princess" when you deny the requests.

Like the people in my audio-video production group, who seem to have developed extreme short term memories when it comes to doing work.

Like the people who dont come to class and become agitated when they cant understand a word later on. Or fail.

Like the drivers who think all those driving slower than them are morons and the ones driving faster are maniacs.

Like somebody who thinks they are entitled to be called "Dr." just coz they did their doctorate in Physical Education. And then act like God.

Like those who dont laugh unless there is a very good reason.

Like those who cant spend an hour being childish, silly and immature.

Like those who take even the most inane matters in a serious vein

Like those who dont appreciate the fun life provides them with.

Like those who read posts on blogs, like them but donot comment.

Signing Out,
Not-so-Weird After All