If I were given a brush that changes colours,
I'd change the colours of my life,
I'd change the colours of my world,
I'd change the colours of everybody's world.

I'd paint the crows white again,
Finally set them free from Apollo's ire.
The greys of life in a bright gold,
Add specks of green to a fire.
Colour the deserts with pink, 
With blue, with blacks and white
Put more than just blue in a sky,
Make it infested with permanent kites.

I'd put strokes of orange across the ocean,
Dabs of red in towns and a city's vein
Make the rainforests more purple,
Even if it does seem like a pain.
Take out the flat rolling browns in the plains,
Mix in some yellow and silver.
Take the scarlett from blushing cheeks 
Put it in the bleakest of weathers.

I'd dip the whole world in pink,
If it would stop the wars.
I'd dip the whole world in orange,
If it would bring back those who've gone so far.
I'd put more black and white in my life,
Sometimes I see too many colours.
I'd take out the greens and put more reds
But never make them any duller.

I'd take all the colours that Da Vinci had,
Mix them with those of Rembrandt's.
Put in some of Monet's palette as well,
And I wont forget Van Gogh.
I'll take it all and mix them good,
And add them all to the rainbow,
For seven colours are not enough,
They need all other's in tow.

Signing Out,
Purple(And More Colours) Brains

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