Hey, I Know Hindi!

I won a poetry recitation competition in college today. It was in Hindi. My. Hindi. Sucks. Especially the spellings. It was unreal hearing my name being announced. I mean, this is a girl who left hindi language when she graduated from class 8th. I can manage colloquial, street, bambaiya and hinglish hindi. The grammatical and textbook one not so much. 

To be honest, i copied a poem from my blog and translated it into hindi, which did take a fair amount of time. And work. Which, then paid off.

Signing Out,


mikkidismom said...

Good Job!

anty_anand said...

Thank you!

Quiescent said...

and you actually translated a poem to hindi. I dont beleive it.
(I had left hindi in class 7 and i surely cannot think of translating a poem)

Quiescent said...

Please remove this word verification from your blog!!!

anty_anand said...

I will.. Thanks tho!
I did translate it, with great difficulty!