People are weird.

Like the woman we see on the metro everyday, who asks us to "adjust". What she doesnt get is that no matter how much we adjust, she is too fat to fit.

Like the college admission incharge, who feels the irrepressible need to take a holiday on the very day that the exam forms need signatures.

Like the people who send you "I would like to do fraandshep with you" requests on Orkut.

Like the person who calls you a "loads of ice princess" when you deny the requests.

Like the people in my audio-video production group, who seem to have developed extreme short term memories when it comes to doing work.

Like the people who dont come to class and become agitated when they cant understand a word later on. Or fail.

Like the drivers who think all those driving slower than them are morons and the ones driving faster are maniacs.

Like somebody who thinks they are entitled to be called "Dr." just coz they did their doctorate in Physical Education. And then act like God.

Like those who dont laugh unless there is a very good reason.

Like those who cant spend an hour being childish, silly and immature.

Like those who take even the most inane matters in a serious vein

Like those who dont appreciate the fun life provides them with.

Like those who read posts on blogs, like them but donot comment.

Signing Out,
Not-so-Weird After All


carltessa said...

Going by the last one, I believe I am not weird as well. Interesting post.

arnav said...

*Grinning* One more-

Like the person whose sole aim in life is to capture their holidays on film rather than actually enjoy them.

Well written. I like.

ishita-dasgupta said...

lol! very true...tho i confess m often guilty of d last one!! :P

Gunny said...

heh,rather interesting,im definitely weird

ayushi said...

really interesting .. i sooooooooo agree wid the "fraandshep" one especially .. feel lyk sticking a bamboo down their ass ..

Nupur said...

u picked on everyone worth picking, yes, i'm qouating Ms. MBMMMC Yogi. Lovely post, u take on everyone.