Well, Purple Brains has been out of action for more than a week now! Blame it on her college production schedule. For those who dont know, production is basically making one 10 min TV show/video and one 30 sec radio social message.
Sounds easy, but is really difficult when doing it practically. A thousand things keep coming up here and there and make your heart skip many beats. Its really tiring and exhausting, but worth it all in the end.

So, my video production was the first among all of the groups. Meaning I had no idea what to do and basically had to be prepared for any and every thing. Which I wasnt. I say "my" and "I" coz A. only one other girl in the group worked apart from me. Thanks Dude!!!! B. I was the only one who knew the whole show inside out. So, it was my idea, my script, my direction, my art direction and the other girl's untiring support, help and brains. Thanks again!!!

The show was based on Dance, Bhangra to be precise. I managed to get three of my close friends to be the talents for the show. And the fourth close one to lend me moral support. But if only life were that simple.

First, the idea was changed by the unceremonious butting in of a group member who actually had no idea what the entire concept was about.
Second, the script once written was changed three times by the teacher. That to days before the final shoot.
Third, the talents wanted the script changed. Had to do it.
Fourth, the set wasnt anywhere near ready and came very very close to being an absolute disaster. I thank my friends a.k.a. the PJ group and the aforementioned group member for making the set a success.
Fifth, one of the talents lost her voice. I had to take her place. Try being the director and actor at the same time. Phew!
Sixth, the show ran to only 8 minutes. I need to put 2 minutes worth of stuff in. Where from, is beyond me.
Seventh, I kept on remembering the fact that this was the final thing. This would be shown to the examiner and if it was crap, I lose marks. Period.

Even after all of this, we managed to pull through and make a good show! Although it did necessitate two and a half hours of having a numb ass, frozen limbs and constantly dulling voices and attitudes. The final take went off great, apart from a small glitch that hardly matters now.

Now that the video is done, I shift the focus onto the audio, which is providing an equal share of problems. I have no permission slip to get my talents inside the studio and it is driving me NUTS! Im pretty tempted to change my script to a female centric one and grab my friends again. Again, if only life could be that simple!

Signing Out,
Calmly Losing It

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I never knew this was such a fun thing to do. (Not from your point of view i guess)