Sans Moi

Sans Moi, a novel by Marie Desplechin, is a departure from most novels that I've read till now. It's brutally honest as a narrative of two women whose lives become a lifeline for each other, when they need it most.

The characters, Olivia and the author have lives held together by the most fragile of strings. It's almost disconcerting to read about them and wonder when the last string will snap and their world will finally crash. You think, people shouldn't have to live childhoods like Olivia's, but they do. You'll say, love shouldn't be as complicated as it is for the author, but it is. Things shouldn't fall apart at a moments notice so easily but then can we stop them. And grown-ups should have their life all figured out, but then again who does?

The depiction of characters is also very simple leaving them as images of real people in our head, yet not defined enough for us to know them fully. Olivia is a recovering drug addict, sometimes prostitute, chosen by the author to baby-sit her children. Yet, she defies every stereotype of a junkie prostitute. She defies every type cast, yet fits in so well with the world at large. The author is divorcee, mum of two. She moves in life, in the way we move upstream. She crashes, only to be flung back in line by Olivia. The two change the very perspective on relationships altogether.

The book is hilarious sometimes, sometimes sad. The references to Paris are subtle, yet so over powering in their portrayal. The book explores so many emotions that I couldn't help but feel lost in the swirl of feelings that overwhelmed me. Its a wise novel, with the wisdom embedded in chunks of humour. Its a confusing read at times, espcially towards the end, but it all comes together when you look at your own life from the same perspective.

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ishita-dasgupta said...

i want dis buk yaar!!!

do u hav a personal copy???

lend it 2 me asap! :)

सुमित प्रताप सिंह said...

हिन्दी में ब्लॉग बनायें और हिन्दी को आगे बढायें समय मिले तो अपुन के ब्लॉग पर आयें। जय हिंद। जय हिन्दी।

संगीता तोमर said...

मेरे ब्लॉग पर भी आपका स्वागत है। जय हिंद। जय हिन्दी।

anty_anand said...

@ iya: no dude, i borrowed it from some one! but i think i'll buy it if i can.. i'll lend it to you then..