I seem to be becoming a tad bit cynical and losing interest in all things in general. Which is probably not a good thing.

I have lost interest in eating good nutritional food. Gimme pepsi, noodles and all that junk for all I care. Its not like I have a career in modelling awaiting me. I've lost interest in doing homework, because it hardly seem to be worth the effort. Except for the psychology one maybe.

Also gone, is the fanatic pleasure derived from networking sites viz Facebook and Orkut. Ditto for commenting on photos.

Bollywood and Hollywood are boring. Ever since we've started seeing critically acclaimed cinematic masterpieces for a college paper, the crass juvenile toilet humour genre of movies seems sickeningly disgusting. Im sure Rock On! will be an ultra-awesome watch but i truly believe nothing can compare to the baring of human emotions by Selma in Dancer in the Dark.

I am extremely disappointed in some friends at the moment. Apparently they think I talk shit sometimes. NEWS FLASH: Friendship means taking somebody's shit and making a joke out of it.

The telly is a piece of crap as well it seems. Hardly a good show on. And the ones that are absolutely awesome, donot fit in with my timings. (I need a TiVo)

After a month and a half, the thrill of public transportation escapes me. Give me a chauffer any day! Or atleast on Saturdays.

The internet is a bloody bore now. I detest having to read up for doing homework/tv scripts online. Especially when a few people I wait for doggedly on the messenger deign never to show up.

Seems like I've become bored of all that I like and love. I've become disinterested in general. It's sad. Except for chocolate maybe, I still love and adore chocolate the same. After all, somethings you can never tire of.

Signing Out,


ishita-dasgupta said...

aww! dats sad swty...tho i tink m goin thru a lot of dat 2!!
mst b smthn 2 do wid colg, or d kinda course v hav taken...or growin up in general mayb!
i wonder who dat frnd was tho??!

p.s.: i tink i finally knw wat "existential despair" must mean! :P

anty_anand said...

Something to do with the course, i am sure of that!

Hehe, take a wild guess. Maybe a name starting with S and ending with U.

*grinning* I guess you do, after all

Gunny said...

Well,;emme sound like your mom probably,be happy with what you hsve,for when you lose something only then you realize how bloody importnt that f'in thing was.

anty_anand said...

Err.. Im guessing you aint getting any of these things in the hostel?

Gunny said...

Lol no comments :)

ayushi said...

bad life gurl! cnt say its nt pretty much the same here .. i've cm on net today after an eternity as i cn never find nethng to do on net thts worth the tym wasted on it ..

arnav said...

That's a lot to be bored of. And you really do seem to be in existential despair. Issit just cuz of your productions or what?