Surprisingly So

Coming down from the metro platform today, I had a blocked nose and sleepy head. Which meant that I was walking like a zombie and not really noticing things. But still, I did notice something really interesting at the station.

Since I was in a state of blissful oblivion, I didnt see that one of the exit gates at the platform was malfunctioning. It was permanently open and anybody could have walked out without having to check out with their card/token. Since I was half dazed and lost, I did check out the card and walked through, wondering why the gate was already open.

Considering what is heard about people in general, one would expect everybody to take complete advantage of the situation and walk out without having to pay for their metro ride. Expecting to see that, I hung around for 5 minutes near the gates. I didnt! Everybody who came for those five minutes saw the open door, yet checked out with their cards. Nobody took advantge of the freebie being offered, which is astonishing if we think about how Dilli-wallahs love free stuff.

Now, to me this was an eye opener. I never did expect such courtesy for rules and honesty. It's truly heart warming to know that even in the face of an easy freebie, people do what's right. They stick to their morals.

Or they were all as dazed and oblivious as me.

Signing Out,
Pleasantly Surprised


arnav said...

*Calping**Calping* :P

So, it seems the world isnt bereft of honesty after all.

anty_anand said...

Whats with the calping? Thats copyrighted to me.

But yea, there is hope for us yet.