Where are friendships formed? In the mind, In the heart or In the landscape of places symbolic to the lives of people..
Or maybe, like all things that matter to us, they are discovered in place which are linked to our childhood. Swinging on the slides, running around our grandparents house, becoming little kids all over again, sometimes that is all it takes to form a friendship in the truest sense of the word.

What is it about becoming children again, that changes the way we look at people altogether? Is it that only children perceive the world in a happier, more optimistic way yet probe the heart for the honesty that exists within? How is it that to be friends, we need to know the person at their childish best?

Or maybe, it is only when we were children did we not take the world for granted and wanted to know everything. And it was only with those friends that we could ponder on the mysteries of the universe forever. And be happy. 

Signing Out,
Friends Forever


arnav said...

Friends Forever.. This is sooo sweet! Mind if i nip it for the play?

ishita-dasgupta said...

I smhw remembered a vry intrstin quote i saw rcntly..
"We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public."
I tink dat explns it...d kid is always deep inside us...evn if v r nt Joey!! :P

anty_anand said...

I think we are Joey, just not overtly so.