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To all those who believe that secularism has lost its way in India, I'll ask, says who? The only thing lost is the the identity of what India is. 

India has never truly existed in Mumbai's and Delhi's and Kolkatta's or Chennai's. Neither do the supposed "small" towns of Nagpur, Kanpur, Ranchi, Hyderabad or Ahemdabad. India loses it culture of love and compassion in the towns. 

It finds itself again in the heartlands of the nation. India exists truly in the small kasbah's and villages where the whole community will still gather under the shady banyan tree for the Panchayat. Where they will all sit and discuss each other's problems without cyncism and with a belief that they can help. India lives in the cities where cultures clash and collide, yet never erode each other, they just weave together to create an inseparable pattern. India is incredible, as long as it re-discovers itself in the beauty of the eyes of children who cross the boundaried of caste, creed and religion to have fun. It is a country where unity is in diversity when a house of worship is not a temple, a mosque, a church or a gurudwara. It is "uparwaale ka ghar" (House of the one above) and stays that.  

India lives in places where the rich families send money and other little charities to make sure that the nearby places of worship are maintained. India redefines itself in the form of parents who have progressive views. They opt for education instead of marriage for their daughters. They feel proud to have daughters. India becomes the country it always was, with people whose lives become happy and full once again, forgetting the vacuum once created by riots, violence and bombings.

India is inside the hearts of its people, who choose to look at a person's heart instead of religion, nature instead of caste and values instead of sex. 

As M.J. Akbar writes in his article, 'Deep inside India, secularism is a way of life', "India may lose itself in Delhi and Mumbai and Bangalore and Ahmedabad, but finds itself again and again in millions of Teliniparas." 

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India Found 


Gunny said...

lol in all honestly..para 3..its more about things you'll find in an urban india..in the delhi's..the mumbai's etc than in the small villages.

anty_anand said...

Well, actually i tried including a link for the article that inspired me to do research on this post.. Its not getting posted somehow..

The article shows how in the rural parts, people genuinely do gel together without difficulty and even if they dont, its mostly political and sorts itself out..


Gunny said...

Perhaps India does lose its culture in the cities,but at times its a good thing in my humble opinion.I am talking solely about the negativeness that exists in Indian culture upto a huge extent,practices such as Sati,child marriages etc etc,are these not part of the rural India moreso as compared to those cities that have advanced? Is it not a good thing to step aside from your "culture" and enjoy the small beautiful things in life? Perhaps these values no longer exist adn it's just people like me who like to be up at 4 in the morning just to watch the the first light,but I really am not "cultural person" even by the lowest values.

I have no idea what compelled me to write this completely useless post and I also have no idea whatsoever what I wrote...so bear with my musings.

anty_anand said...

I happen to like your musings.

Gunny said...

sigh..you're an exceptional case :P

anty_anand said...

Well, very few people muse so interestingly.

Unlike others in pune, who seem to think they write better poems than you do.

Gunny said...

A particular someone in Pune writes... 0o 0o 0o 0o 0o ...let alone peoms..but write in general :o ?

anty_anand said...

Apparently, he thinks he rocks at it. I defended you till my std balance shot through the roof.

arnav said...

I really liked mj akbar's article, its very insightful, but i kinda do agree with guneet as well..

But still, its food for thought..

ishita-dasgupta said...

smthn 2 tink abt..