A Potrait

There once hung a painting on a wall, a painting a grew up with. It is a portrait of a boy with one tear running down his cheek. Another hanging contemplatively from the eyes. Nobody ever fully understand why he was crying. They invented many different reasons as the years passes by, but none of them seemed to quite fit. There was a story behind that tear, something we couldnt just figure out. It was right in front of us but yet so far away. After so many years, I still think about the child every once in a while. There are so many questions that need an answer. 

Who was that child? Did the artist just spot him and painted his face or did he wait till he found the perfect expression. What happened to him after he grew up? Did he become famous or was his face lost in the crowd like so many others? Did he even know that his innocent expression was recorded for posterity?

The boy was sad. In a way, he was sad for all the reasons we were. When I was sad because my dog died, he cried with me. When I was sad for a million other reasons, he was there sharing my grief. But does he know that, will he ever know?

Signing Out,
Still Wondering


mikkidismom said...

Hey I know that picture!
Dude..that picture is of ur mamu after he got punched in school :-)
just kidding..love the blog and u 2

anty_anand said...

You know, i always did think that was mamu in the picture!!!

Didnt know he got punched tho! He's coming home today in about 2 hrs. and has my new phone with him :D

Gunny said...

dunno bout you but there are some paintings which can just mesmerize yo to know extent..somehow you subconciously relate to them at a completely different level...
just felt like saying that :P

anty_anand said...

Yeh dubai ka asar hai hai?

ishita-dasgupta said...

U nevr showed me dis picture u dumdum!!!
I rly rly rly wanna c it aftr readin dis.. :-\

anty_anand said...

That would be coz its kept outside nani's place now. I'll show you next time you come..