You Can Call Us Crazy

Me n IDG: We Rock! We Rule!
Me n IDG: Hum Patthar, Hum Raj!
*SMSing the revelation to D n N*
D n N: Hum Patthar, Hum Raj!
Us: We should get a tee made with this written on it.

Me: What did you do today?
N: I took a cake and my mobile out for a walk today.
Me: You did what?
N: You didnt get my sarcasm.

Me: Yeah, my tummy's better.
D: See, Potty solves everything
Me: *blink*
N: The smartbook of smart comments by smartass!

Me: Oops!
N: Dumbass
N: No, Domb-Aess. Gujarati style.

(Rap music playing on our mobiles)
Me n my friends: Let's do garba.

P: When you get married, I'll come stay next door and disturb you every morning.
Me n D: Why would you do that?
P: Because I love you!
Me: Then why do you pretend to hate me?

Me, D and A: *Talking crap*
V: Do I Tell You Something?
Me: *in my thoughts* Don't you always?
D: Don't you always?

*After discovering that apart from DNA, we have a lot in common*
D: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. What The Kachara Mahn??? We are so Twinish.
Me: *thinking to myself* What's twinish? You are twins or you are not twins.

Me: We are recording something here. Can you people not be serious for once?
A: Oh, you didnt tell us.
V: Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt?

*When D was supposed to be a married woman in a video*
Me: You're getting married. yeyeye!
D: What the Kachara Mahn? There's even a kissing scene. On the hand
*Not hearing the 'On the hand' part*
Me: OH MY GAWD! Your first kiss! On camera! With Somebody You'll Meet For The First Time. I wish you could see me grinning.
D: I can hear your grin on the phone. Now SHUT UP!
Me: You're getting married!
D: Yes, I know woman.
Me: You're getting married.

A: My mobile is my baby!
D: That must have been easy to give birth to.
N: Mechanical Baby?? Dumbass!

*When we say or realize something potentially stupid or embarassing*
N: *Dripping with sarcasm* Oops!

V: What do I eat?
Me: Maggi?
V: Cheee, no!
*after reciting the whole menu*
V: I'll have maggi.

Me n D: Bhindy! Bhangi!
V: *disgusted* Whaat?

Me: Kalavati stole my kajal.
V: You send the most shocking messages at the most unexpected times.
N: Write an objective report on how Kalavati stole your kajal & how she became a kleptomaniac & discuss it in Cherian's class.
Me: Someday, I will.

Me: *in a high pitched squeaky voice* Arre Dimple, tu aajkal school kyun nahi aata? Main tujhe kitnaaaaaaaaaaaa miss karti hun!
V: *in the same voice* Arre Pinky, main tujhe kya bataun? Mere pappa ki toh daari hi nahi fix hoti. Woh sharm ke maare gaadi bhi ghar se nahi nikalte. Main kya karun? Kuch bata naa, Pinky meri jaan.

*The rest in hysterical fits of laughter*

Signing Out,
We Put The "In" In "Insanity"


Nupur said...

LMAO...so cool!! i love it...
hum raj
hum pathar...
we should do this often..

anty_anand said...

If you are talking about the convo's, we do them every day.

Nupur said...

everyday as in v hud post them everyday...dat would be fun...

anty_anand said...

v'll do that on the udpj blog naa!

ishita-dasgupta said...

Hum patthar!!!

Hum raj!!!!!

:P :P :P

Just Me :) said...

Told you- I like you signing out! :)