Arty Me

Painting has always been one thing I adored doing, along with sketching and shading. Been a long long time since I picked up the brush though.

This is definitely one of my favourite sketches, specially coz when I think of my home, I envisage the walls covered with plants like this..

This painting, I made when I was looking for some peace and quiet. Never thought I'd get it by painting it..

My Flying Dutchman.. I had fun doing this one, thinking of a story for each part of the ship I sketched..

Hehe, This is me in my dreams.. Thin, graceful and a dancer..

This one I made, simply because I love the Stuart Era and reading up about it. And the book cover was sexy!!!

My best so far (thats what I think).. Love the snow, Love the trees, Love everything in this..

Signing Out,
Maybe (not) The Next Van Gogh


arnav said...

These are so pretty!!!
You made 'em???

anty_anand said...


ishita-dasgupta said...

Goood job!! :D
Some of these look recent...I mean I haven't seen them..
Make sure to show them to me next time I come over.. :)

Mishika said...

Hey pretty pictures. some look quite professional. Even if not the next Van Gogh,u can definitely be the first Antara Anand...lol

Gunny said...

damn these are good..i remember commercial arts in class 6 i think? good times :D

anty_anand said...

@ Ishita: Thanks, and btw. They're all hung in my room. You seriously didnt notice them once???

@Mishika: Thanks!

@Guneet: aah yes, i do miss those days.