Haathon Mein Soup Liye..

Some of the most pleasurable times have been spent with a cup of soup in hand. As is tradition, when autumn comes around, mum makes soup every evening and I curl up in front of the TV or with a book in the other hand and enjoy my half hour of "soup time".

Which is probably the most luxurious part of the day. Today I sit in front of the laptop with the cup in hand and writing this post with the other. I'm reminded of the first time I decided to drink my soup the Calvin way, with a straw. What resulted was a burnt tongue and hurried searches on google about how to nurse the tongue and still drinking the soup, fearing it would get cold. It also reminds me of the time when I had just started drinking hot beverages. I've never liked my food too hot, I prefer it somewhere between lukewarm and cold. The soup that day was exceptionally hot and made my mouth water after every sip. The ingenious solution I found was to drink water alongside the soup till I built up the habit of having hot things. Though now, the water drinking idea sounds ludicrous at best. I've also once pretended to myself that the soup was some terrible beast, from the Calvin and Hobbes fame, when I didn't particularly want to have it. I fought with it with a spoon and ultimately sacrificed it to my father.

And trawling through the net, I clicked on some link accidentally that got me to a post that was put up by Imran Khan on Amir's blog. He has good English, really nice. I like people with good English. I also like vichyssoise, the cold french soup, even though I've never had it. It's just that it's cold and wont burn my tongue.

Signing Out,
A Soupie


ishita-dasgupta said...

You are mad, woman!!! :P
That's just as random as it gets...but I still love ya! :D
And Calvin... And Hobbes...
:* :* :*

anty_anand said...

Yes, I am.
Yes, it is.
Yes, I do to.
Yes, :* :* :*

Nupur said...

yes, i hate soups. i'm not stupid or crazy. i hate salads too for that matter. it desnt make sense to me as to why people enjoy eating raw vegetables dipped in cream or sauce. i mean raw vegetables are nothing but healthy, right? on top of that u r diping them in some sore cream which is ful of fat?

what u get is an oxymoron!! something bigger than me being in the food comittee. although i do love rasam with all my heart and soul. if you treat me to rasam, i'll b as excited as i am when u say 'the illusionist' :-))
☺ ♪♫

anty_anand said...

Umm, agreed nupur. I just think soups are tasty.