The Lust For Power

"Ignorance is Bliss"
"Knowledge is Power"

Reading a book titled, "The Kabul Beauty School" the other day, I realized why we forsake bliss and strive for knowledge. The bliss we know is almost puny in significance as compared to the feeling that comes with power. 

The power to know, The power to change, The power to be so much more.
That is why we want more knowledge, we lust for the power it offers.

Reading the book made me realize that sitting here in my comfy chair and with my laptop and mobile, I am just incredibly lucky and blessed. I am happy and I can afford the priviledge of having a choice, something absolutely unheard of, not only in Afghanistan, but even in the heartland of my India. I have, in all respects, the power to be Me. Which is something I am truly greatful for.
Reading the book gave me the power to try and change something in me, think of changing society for the better and maybe, occasionally, change what I have been told can't be changed. 

There is bliss in not knowing the wrong that happens, there is extraordinary bliss in choosing to shut out all but what is essential. It is comfortable, even pleasurable to exist in the confines of cocoon that all but threatens to expose you to the world. But then again, there is an undefined hope in being able to change the direction of life, there is a sudden peace in knowing that you have been a witness to someone's life and efforts. There remains a glow inside with the power to be more than what was asked of you. 

Life becomes worth something, you know you can do something. You have the knowledge, the gentle push for the adventure you seek. Bliss is heartening, but Power, it is a strong and wily thing. It weaves itself into the fabric of your thoughts, till you die for more. 

Which ultimately, comes from the knowledge of power.

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Nupur said...

ummm...U.S. might help, you know...

anty_anand said...

US has gone political. BJP affiliated. Sanjay Kaul contesting for elections.
As vindy sez: main toh resign kar rahi hun!