White Noise

I stayed up pretty late yesterday, listening to the radio. What I found particularly interesting wasn't any radio station but rather the white noise {static} of the radio. It seemed like something new and unexplored. I tuned into the white noise for over an hour, trying to decipher something from the noise and see if I could create something from the nothingness. Of course, I later realized was kind of like the movie White Noise. That was kind of a spooky realization at say, 2 in the morn.

In the noise, there was nothing to be heard. I tried and ultimately tried to imagine what could possibly be hidden in the crypticness of the sound. I imagined old grandmother's advice and young mother's questions. I thought about confessions and secrets, that were lost to the wind and swept up in the noise. There was suddenly a whole new dimension added to the seemingly annoying cackling in between the stations. There were stories that were yet untold, people yet unheard and lives yet unlived, all weaved inside the noise. There was much to be heard in the world that does not merit a listen. Songs, poems, writings and journals in the mind, all swirling in the white noise of life.

I stayed up for long, thinking about who all had lost their voices to the white noise of the world, the white noise of their lives and had become the background sound of humanity, which plays on amongst the babble of everything else that goes on. Wanting to know, whether I would too be lost in the white noise.

Hopefully not. Maybe I'll be the one that people listen to. Maybe I'll be more than just a cackle amongst the stations of life.

Signing Out,
Purple Brains

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arnav said...

Doesnt the movie have the same story line?
Wasnt there anything good on TV?