The Changeling

@ John Bauer (1913)

"My past must now be erased, my future is uncertain
The fairy child takes my place, I wander on ahead
I mix and match, don't quite belong, don't quite fit in
While life goes on and I ponder my fate as a changeling

My parents understand not my heart, I wait for the day
When I find the path to my own tribe, people I can call mine
They try to curse me, to send me back where I come from
While life goes on and I ponder my fate as a changeling"

To foster a hope in the heart, that you belong elsewhere. To know that you cannot be who they say you are. To be difficult, malicious, unpleasant, anything to get them away from you. To be wise, only to be told off by elders. To be different and misunderstood. To be walking barefoot on the forest of tangled dreams and hopes. To be a Changeling.

Signing Out,
The Changeling


Ketan said...

Hi, again! I'd warm that "Acts of Faith" is an extremely emotionally draining book.

But more important, I really liked the poem. If it's your original work, congratulations! TC.

anty_anand said...

Well, that pretty much okay with me. I'd love to read it.
And thanks. It is an original.