Old Delhi, Beautiful Delhi

Today, we all suddenly decided to take an impromptu trip to Chandini Chowk, the famous Silver market in Old Delhi. That is when the realization came that apart from silver, the place has a charm all of its own. Away from the Paranthe Waali Gali and the stalls of beautiful silver, the by lanes and shops full of beautiful and delicate things, lies a Chandini Chowk that threatens to enchant you forever.

There is a feeling in the roads, that makes you one with the crowd and yet stand out. The sudden joy of discovering a lane leading to more exotic worlds, old preserved buildings and bits and parts of a city you thought didnt exist anymore.

The lanes, the houses, the shops tucked away in the corners. The arched balconies and british lamp posts. The Purani Dilli architecture. The feeling on having found a whole new home away from home. It's beautiful.

Signing Out,
Lost In The Bylanes

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Anonymous said...

I live in Chandni Chowk myself and I think you just saw the outside of the place and missed out on the real insider experience, in your typical tourist-y way. You should maybe skip the paranthes for once and try to understand the people who live there more than anything else.

Nice pictures.