The Green Space Between Us

(@antyanand 2009)

Unintentional, almost unconditional in their welcome
Soft and sober, a gentle breeze plays across my face
Hidden, yet so painfully obvious to the world
Inviting yet distant, a shield of dust to stop the less loving

Filtering sunlight, sunlit faces, facing the inevitable
I hate you, you hate me, she hates us
Prose plays with poetry in the distance
The camera does its best to capture them in a dance

My make believe gate has dried
The wood too weak to start a fire
The cat's eye under the lens of my camera
I have to be so careful, my hands sweat too much

A ringtone fills the air, the phone is put on silent
Too many times over, hurried explanations
For this is our secret
The smell of food fills the air, is it lunch yet?

We freeze suddenly, footsteps crunching
We try to hide, but of course we know its of no use
A face appears from the side
A friendly one, its one of the few who know

Jabberwocky, made up words, made up miseries
Asking, collecting, feeling, cherishing
Having to move on, waiting for tomorrow
Yes, we'll be back tomorrow

(@antyanand 2009)

(@antyanand 2009)


Ishita_Dasgupta said...

OMG..I love it!!!! :)

It's definitely your best till now.

Beautifully written, described.. And it's so you!!

Just amazing..muuuaaaaahhh! :))

anty_anand said...

Thanks love. Muahhh!!

Appreciate the praise :)

VANDA said...

tis great!
love it....dil se

anty_anand said...


Who one is this? Akshita?

ananya chatterjee said...

its a beauty and u a perfect storyteller.through poems ofcrs

Anty said...

Thanks ananya :)