ABC as learnt by this particular purple brain.

A is for Anty and Aaron.
B is for Bro-ing out and Barney Stinson.
C is for Caffeine and Carrots.
D is for my Dog, for you for ever.
E is for Ebony and Ivories, bonding us forever.
F is for F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Artemis Fowl.
G is for Grandparents, loved and dear.
H is for Herriot and the dreams he's written.
I is for Ishita and her idyllic perfection.
J is for the Jackasses I hope I never see again.
K is for Knowing It All and secretly lusting for more.
L is for Love and the Lemon Law. It's gonna be a thing.
M is for Mum. Muah Muah Muah.
N is Nupur and the Neverland we share.
O is for Optimism. Yes, guilty as charged.
P is for Purple Brains and the Pirate in my room.
Q is for the Quiet times that I've grown to love.
R is for the Roads I've walked and look back on
S is for Sarcasm, at its best.
T is for Turning, round and round in circles.
U is for my school Uniform, I miss it much.
V is for Vanity and the Vacuum it should live in.
W is for Womble, I love you much.
X is for Xoxoxoxoxoxo's I want from my friends.
Y is for Yahi toh meri zindagi hai.
Z is for the Zillion things that make me, but I cannot write here.

Signing Out,
Now That I Know My ABC,
Next Time Wont You Sing With Me?


Nupur said...

P is for the pirate in my room!
V is for vanity and vaccum where it should live in.

So funny!

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

I will, honey..

Don't I always?? :P


anti - anty said...

@Nupur: Thanks. And the N part? :P

@Iya: You do, always. xoxoxoxo.

Nupur said...

Thanks for that too. Fell real special now. ;-)

anti - anty said...

Hee. That's my job. Make my adopted kiddo's feel happy and special.