Thanks to ad-libber and Doubletake, Doublethink , I start a post about my GHM.

The Georgette Heyer Man (GHM for short) is a tall, loose-limbed, cynic with unruly hair and quite unremarkable features except for a smile that transforms his face. And yes, the eyes. Usually a queer light grey, very bored, but with a sparkle that comes out with the smile. He is well-travelled and well-read, and about ten years older than the heroine. He is, by turns, a rake, a social outcast, a diffident aristocrat, a jaded Corinthian, a reluctant saviour – it doesn’t matter. The problem with the GHM is that he’s poison for a girl who routinely falls in love with literary characters, and if he enters her life at the right moment he can very easily make sure that the girl’s teenage years are wasted in daydreams about older men with careless demeanours and sardonic voices.

Right then, I'm starting a meme (muahahhaha). Anyone who has ever fallen in love with her version of the GHM, I tag you. Write a post, it doesn't have to be very big, about that person – literary character, comic book hero, some guy in a movie, a random person you'll never meet – we’ll start a list that will probably never end.

My GHM are actually four.

First, he came into my life at the extremely impressionable age of 12 years old and since has been a criteria for how I like my men. Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice fame.
  • He can dance
  • sing,
  • reads an overwhelming amount of books,
  • sneers and is sarcastic,
  • is a proper englishman with good english
  • writes letters to express his love. What more could I want?
Second came Chandler Bing and made my mum sincerely worry about my taste in men. He is the perfect GHM for my innate Monica.
  • He's sarcastic, stupid and needs a Monica
  • A monogamist because of commitment phobia
  • gives really bad advice
  • cute
  • And let's face it. You could spend your life with him.
Thirdly, the typical Irish character created by Eoin Colfer in every one of his books. Especially Artemis Fowl and Stefan. Artemis Fowl inspires me to be intelligent.

Fourth and the last, Dr. Horrible in Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog. He's recent and very easy to adore.
  • Neil Patrick Harris playing the character,
  • an acute sense of humour and sarcasm
  • an evil scientist who sings and videoblogs
  • absolutely in love with one single female
There, I'm done. In all possibilty, I'll never actually find my GHM's but hope abounds.

To whoever reads this post, I urge you to do one about your GHM. For guys, your version of the lady GHM. And no Angelina Jolie allowed.

Signing Out,
In The GHM Zone

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