Bas Dilli Meri Jaan

By all accounts, Delhi is a beautiful place. If you can look past the initial cow dung and garbage every step of the way, you'll find tidbits that will haunt you till eternity and beyond. Whether it's the nostalgic facades of houses tucked away in Chandni Chowk or the supposedly ghost infested, broken down brothel near my college, Dilli pulls you in.

It's those days when it rains, that I fall in love more and more. New York and London might have Rockerfeller Centre and The Big Ben, but we have Connaught Place for all to see. Walking the by lanes of CP in the rain is a pleasure I have known seldom before. The cozy dhaba where we frequent becomes all the more welcoming. The first time I saw proper punk graffiti on a wall became all the more exciting. Best of all, getting my jeans soaked seemed all the more necessary.

It's the little things that capture my love and keep it sewn in a small velvet pouch. One that is tucked away at the very core of my heartstrings and draws at them every now and then. A Gurudwara never was so beautiful, till I see it through the lens of my camera. The clouds were just puffy shapes in the sky till I noticed them moving above my office building. I was just another girl on the streets till I started looking and feeling.

It's Dilli and only Dilli I can thank for that.

Signing Out,
Dilli Waali


My Evil Self said...

Where do I even begin?

This is just.. scrumptious! Every sentiment is echoed in full fervor.

Dilli, as we know it, is a study in contrasts. Each part of it complementing the other. From the quaint little slums to the grandiose charm of Lutyens' Delhi.

*Love the first picture.

Anty said...

It's where the heart is. Full of love and imagination, our Dilli is.

Thank you so much.

Ishita_Dasgupta said...


<3 <3 <3

Anty said...

Gosh, isn't this the only comment we can make now. Given that we've made all the comments we could have? :D

Still, I totally get you.