The Rain

For the past week, it's been raining every night.

The first night: I was still up at 2 in the morning and I heard the rain come down. It knocked softly on the door, waiting impatiently as I realized my towel must be getting soaked outside. I ran outside, only to have the rain drench me in a matter of seconds. There's nothing better than that feeling. The towel kept on getting soaked. As I tried taking it off the wire, it kept on getting twisted and tangled. One would have the impression that it wanted to stay out longer and enjoy. Later on, we had a fight about who had more fun. I let the towel win.

The second night: The rain was down to a drizzle but I was not discouraged. Stayed out longer, for almost an hour, looking at the lightning. Mom told me twice to come back inside. She was sure that I'd be struck by lightning any moment. I told her there was nothing to worry about, I'm too far from the sky. Also, it was pink and purple. Have your ever known something pink and purple to harm somebody?

The third night: Just lightning and intermittent spurts of rain. Beautiful nonetheless.

The fourth night: Back, to stay. The roof flooded, the plants threw a pool party and I ended up looking like a sponge drowned in water. All the rain and sweat gave my hair beautiful curls when I woke up in the morning though. It's a pity i had to wash them away. The clothes wanted to stop all the late night water fun. They said it's difficult for them to dry off every day, even with the heat.

Signing Out,


Ishita_Dasgupta said...

And nothing about the dance?

Just Me :) said...

I so want to pull your cheeks... you are damn cute!! Love the imagery created! :-)

Anty said...

@ Ishita: Everything and more about the dance. Me dancing scares mom. Me talking scares Mom. I wonder how she's still surviving.

@ Deva: Aah, anything for you my love. Even cheek pulling shall be endured.