I have so much to say about Shimla. Its akin to being a jar filled with cookies to the very top and being afraid of cracking even one of them if the lid is put on. I'm not quite sure how long I can stay like this.

But my circumstances are such. Father has departed to Lucknow for a while, my laptop in tow. I share this post from the college internet cafe, which is the last place I would choose to share my soul. However, this was an emergency. The girls on the side keeping peeking in till their facebook pages load completely. One even frowns as she sees me type this. That should be her lesson for being a peeping tom.

Now, I have managed to scavenge my old laptop from the dungeons of my garage. It's been dusted and all now and I believe should start working soon. The internet dude says that it doesn't have enough disk space to configure the internet connection though. Still, the laptop has its share of good memories and Pinball games to tide me through. I think I shall type out a post on it and upload it via pen drive and internet cafe.

Signing Out,
Less Than Cheery.


Sherry Wasandi said...

The "jar-filled-to-the-top" analogy is very apt. I know exactly what you mean.

And for someone whose entire life and career of choice are centered around computers and strings of 1s and 0s, what you describe is sheer horror.

Tsk. I sympathize.

Anty said...

Is it not? Even for somebody who likes the internet and all its possibilities as much as I do, it is sheer horror.

Akshu said...

awwww...and all this time i thought I had the worst problem...i suffer from the same problem, honey. My laptop charger's jack has come loose...I live by borrowng chargers. My heartfelt sympathies to you.

Diwakar Sinha said...

laptop wise, my problems are many.
and about shimla, let us know more about it please...i am planning a trip this winter.