Someday, I want

1. To drive a big yellow truck.

2. To live in a little place like this, where the only sign of civilization exists in the chugging of a toy train every morning.

3. Look out of my window every night and be greeted with a epileptic display of lights and sounds.

4. To be caught in time, framed and captured like the morning dew resting on the veins of life.

5. To craft a story of two slightly eccentric souls clicking incessant photographs of ramshackle building and rusted staircases. Forever, together.

Signing Out,
One Eccentric Soul


Mer-curial-maiden said...

Number 5 just broke my heart

Anty said...

Oh, I must apologize for that. Broken hearts tend to break others. :(

Rene Lacoste said...

I have that exact same staircase at home \m/

Anty said...

:( :( :(

Home address! Now!

Brilliantly Dull said...

joo be awesome!!!!!
i especially love the leaf pic!!!!!!!!

Poornima said...

Wow...so nicely crafted

Sherry Wasandi said...

Though I miss the point entirely, I've always wanted a truck.

You know, to literally rule the roads and threaten to mow down any ostentatious Audi or Mercedes that came my way.

Little shiny buggers, those. I shall be a giant spike-heeled boot to those earthworms. And I'll be immensely happy about it.

Srishti said...


Anty said...

@ Brilliantly Dull: Thenk you bebe. You're my inspiration. :D

@ Poornima: Thanks! :D

Anty said...

@ Sherry: This should be fun. I plan to buy a huge truck and make people cower. In fact, when I do go for my license, I will get a Heavy Motor Vehicle one instead of LMV :D.

Facebook actually confirmed I was meant to be a truck driver.

@ Srishti: Yep. :)

Ishita_Dasgupta said...

Duuude, this is awesome! :D

Especially the leaf pic, I gotta agree. :)

And the last one.. *sigh*

Anty said...

Eeeeeeeeee! Muah Muah.

Thenks <3<3

Just Me :) said...

The yellow Truck.. How can I forget the day "We" found our true calling in life :-)

Thank you FB!!

Anty said...

Oh yes, the day! I shall forever cherish it in my heart.

In fact, that day will be a huge consideration for your already decided bday gift :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

I wanna live in a hilly village like the ones Ruskin Bond writes about..I do..

And I want to own a goat I'll name Heidi..aah, perfect!

Love the photo! Best of luck with the yellow truck and the lovely eccentric soulmate.. ;)