Bittersweet Memories - I

Shimla came as a surprise to me. With all my hopes and expectations, it still managed to change a lot of things. Things I've forever taken for granted in a way. It felt like the hesitant shock one manages when their elderly neighbour, known yet a stranger in many ways, dies one summer morning. It's been difficult to accept what all has changed, but with the memories I work my way through.

To start with, the planned part of the trip was pretty much crap, which spoke volumes about how much we have started to crave being able to make our own decisions. The one time we left the hotel without any supervision, did we have the most fun. Wandering about Himachal University, the misty lanes gave the campus a very other wordly feel.

I was pretty much ready to stay there and possibly come back for my PG. The one thing I noticed first off was that it is more inviting than any other campus area I've been to. Maybe it was the sweet people or the wonderful gravelly paths crunching away in my ear. Trees rose out of nowhere from the surrounding rocks to cast twisted shadows on a sundial. A crest of arms sparkled in the little patch of sunlight, while birds bravely struck up their morning banter to entertain us. Rocky outcrops and secluded stairwells created the most romantic melancholy I have known. Painting a melody of enchanting visuals, every nook and cranny of the rolling hills, including that murderous-suicidal cow has me hooked on forever. In a way, I promised to come back and I shall fulfill it soon. It's only during the impromptu trek that we undertook did I realize I would not survive the walking that Shimla required from its admirers.

Mall Road is like an inky drawing on a roughly hewn canvas. Emotions and memories have spilled over and the lines between friends and enemies have been blurred. I fear that boundaries that we had maintained so carefully have been lost between the small blurry motions of the hand. Is it possible that one little market could have changed everything? For now, the answer is yes.


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Rohith.R.Das said...

Having savoured the 'Bittersweet Memories', I wish if the 'Wordsworthian' Part One went on a bit more. Why, the abrupt abridgement?

In comparison, the second part tastes bitter and the former sweet.