Bittersweet Memories - II

As said by Aldous Huxley,

"One of the principal functions of a friend is to suffer (in a milder and more symbolic form) the punishments that we should like, but are unable, to inflict upon our enemies."

I love my college friends, but I now know that it is simply impossible for me to put up with all of them five days in a row. I'm sure they feel the same. To worsen things, six of us were crammed in one room. We had our good times talking about ghosts and watching fat people vibrate on TV. We had our laughs over certain style statements attempted and thwarted. We screamed and shouted our lungs out sometimes with happiness and other times with a deep hatred. We even fought over the bathroom and the beds. Among all of this, I see the truth behind being us. We adore each other in a way that others can't quite understand.

This is a friendship quite undefinable. We're there for each other, you know. Just there. Like it was meant for us to be. It took us five days in a bus to know that.

And also, Hotel Asia The Dawn SUCKS! Do not go there, unless you plan to stay inside the hotel only for the food. Somehow, the food was quite delicious.

Signing Out,
Remembering Shimla.


Sherry Wasandi said...


I was reading Huxley last week.
And was thinking EXACTLY the same thing.

When do things go from want to need?
When does the need turn into redundancy. Or worse, triteness.

Anty said...

I was reading Huxley on the trip and the irony kept flapping in front of me.

Questions, I fear that will never have a perfect answer. We can only ponder on as long as we must.

Lemon Girl said...

And then we wonder why they call you a bitch.