Tara, T, Alice, Buck.

"The United States of Tara has been written by Diablo Cody and produced by Steven Spielberg."

Immediate attention, that is exactly what this sentence deserved from my side. A few minutes later, I was scrolling through the wikipedia entry on the show and a week later, I had with me the whole of the first season. Five episodes down, the show has me hooked.

Shows based on psychology have always been a hot favourite of mine, but this is something different. Written with stinging wit and slightly profane humour, the show balls itself into one's heart. Tara has Dissociative Identity Disorder (better known as multiple personality disorder) which gives her different personalities or alter-egos in times of stress. While an almost negligible amount of audience would have encountered the disorder, Cody's thinking behind stringing together our modern life with DID is brilliant.

After all, how many of us have felt absolutely helpless in a situation, only to force a facet of us out to keep everything running smoothly? I'm guessing many. The transition between personalities is so effortless in the show, that you feel Tara could just be faking it for effect. But nothing about the characters seems staged in any manner. I honestly thought that Tara would be such a focal point of the show that the rest of her family would seem like props. At which point, the daughter-son duo showed in intricate detail the patience and trials of living life. This was matched perfectly by the husband, whose eyes seem to be the only indication of the anguish he at time feels.

The United States of Tara is an intelligent show to watch, acting like a two way mirror. You look at Tara's life from behind and slowly reflect on your own on the inside.

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Purple Brains


Sherry Wasandi said...

Diablo Cody.

I think I'm secretly in love with that woman. Her blogs, her scripts, all of it.


(Though I admit, even her script won't get me to watch a Megan Fox movie i.e. Jennifer's Body)

But I've got to try this show out.

Anty said...

I'm wholly in love and it's not even a secret anymore.

Same here, even with all the good storyline and all, I shall not put up with Megan Fox outside of Transformers. :)

Srishti said...

Diablo Cody's awesome!

Juno was like, sooo good. :)

I'm gonna check this show out now, thanks to you...is it like Bones? Bones too is pretty cool.

Happy Bloggin!

Anty said...

No, this isnt like Bones. It's a family sitcom-drama-softporn-weirded out kind of show.

It's best to watch alone ;).

Bones however, is lovable. <3<3<3.