Them Things They Call Fests

Overheard, read, gmail chatted during the times of our 'beloved' college institution, the Fest.

"Cancel the fest? Which idiot wants the fest cancelled?"
"Arre, no problem ma'am, aap tension mat lo"
"I love you! I love you! Marry me!"
"JJ. Phirse."
"MTM. Phirse."
"Koi paise dene koi ready hi nahi hai. Kaise se log hain. Main hi 5000 de deti hun."

"Fest. Pest more like."
"Cancel this stupid fest!"
"I love you. Kill me please."
"Mujhe toh vella samjha hua hai naa?"
"Oh-My-God, yeh kya bakwaas hai?"
"Wake me up when september ends"
"Squeeze whatever is left out of me"
"Paise kiske paas hain? Koi paisa hi nahi deta! 5000 toh main de deti hun"
"Why on earth will i want to publicise only a damned debate when i have an entire page in a magazine??!!!"
"Main nahaa sakti hun?"
"Photoshop, aur kya?/Media lab, aur kahan?"

"Yeh kya bakwaas hai. Agle saal se hum kuch nahi karenge"
"Saara kaam maine kiya tha."
"Uffo. I want to die!"
"Par kitna mazaa aaya tha naa?"

Inputs from me and my friends from both IP College and Kamala Nehru College. May MTM and JJ both be roaring successes. Or something like that.

Signing Out,
Stupid Fests


Mishika said...

So true!!!
Love it :)

Sherry Wasandi said...


It's a pity that JJ coincides with my exams every year.

MTM might be a possibility though.

But honestly, isn't it an "out-of-this-world" sort of feeling when it draws to a (successful) end? The few hours after it, the feeling of having done something, and done it well.