A Step Ahead

As of last Sunday, I have working as an Executive Editor for N.O.W. Magazine (Also here). It's about 3 issues old and shows potential.

It's been started by Samarth Chandola, under a company called The Creative Quill.

A step ahead for my dream of becoming a columnist. :)

Signing Out,
Executive Editor :D

P.S. Do become fans/followers. The Editor in Chief is Total Despot and is using my darling blog to publicize the magazine.


Someday, I want

1. To drive a big yellow truck.

2. To live in a little place like this, where the only sign of civilization exists in the chugging of a toy train every morning.

3. Look out of my window every night and be greeted with a epileptic display of lights and sounds.

4. To be caught in time, framed and captured like the morning dew resting on the veins of life.

5. To craft a story of two slightly eccentric souls clicking incessant photographs of ramshackle building and rusted staircases. Forever, together.

Signing Out,
One Eccentric Soul


Say Cheese!

Bhura says hello.

And so do the fiery glasses from Indian Coffee House. ;)

Signing Out,
May I Click You?


Squirrels Are Funny Things

The canteen usually makes good food, but today it was uninspired crap. I say this after having eaten the most uninspired food dishes ever, so you can imagine how bad it was. Anyway, after heroically finishing most of it, I set the plate aside only to have a squirrel come up and grab a few grains of rice. Being a nice person and confessedly in love with all things animal, I and my friend moved a little away from the dish to let the squirrel have a bit more to eat.

15 minutes later, the squirrel was still eating. I was surprised at its appetite but assumed it hadn't had much to eat in many days. When half an hour later, it was still at it and two other squirrels were looking at him in a rather annoyed manner, I was sure this squirrel was dying of gluttony, very soon. Death by Rajma Chawal, finally.

And I imagine the following conversation will happen among his part Anglo-Saxon, part British and part Punjabi brethren:

(The Unfeeling Aunty): Oh dear, 'twas so unexpected.
(The Condescending Fool): Indeed sire, he was such an engaging squirrel to keep company with.
(The Honest-To-God Uncle): But saarji, he was being glutton. Me and his parjayiji also get free food. We do not eat much.
(The Parjayiji): Yes, my lord. We do not even have those middle class paunches that everybody else sports.
(The Mother): But we are meant to eat free food! All of it! *sobs*
(The Annoying Relative): Toh ji, we get shoes thrown at us for free ji. We toh don't stay to eat.
(The Mother): *Sobs More*
(The Father): Pappu ki Mother, control yourself. Let us remember him in all his furriness.
(Pappu's Ghost): Bai God ji, 'twas the most exquisite meal I have been fortunate enough to sup on.

Signing Out,
Feeling Squirrely.


Just For Today

Just for today, Cummings makes more sense than ever before. Thank you kind sir, for writing emotions and poetry. Every purple brain is brimming with love and appreciation.

Love is more thicker than forget
More thinner than recall
More seldom than a wave is wet
More frequent than to fail

It is more mad and moonly
And less it shall be
Than all the sea which only
Is deeper than the sea

Love is less always than to win
Less never than alive
Less bigger than the least begin
Less littler than forgive

It is most sane and sunly
And more it cannot die
Than all the sky which only
Is higher than the sky

-E.E. Cummings