Hello Again

~Many apologies for the sudden disappearance.
I've been hospitalized and consequently trying to recover.~

~Happy New Year's All.~



I have very rarely ever won anything. Nothing that involves luck and nothing that involves talent.

It comes as a shock, that I won a thousand bucks in Dumb Charades.

A Thousand Bucks, for my abysmal acting skills.

Signing Out,
Not Knowing What To Say


Animation, Anybody?

My first attempt at Stop Motion Animation

And hopefully, one that will allow me to become a better photographer :)

Signing Out,
Ze Animator


Heartaches By The Number

What happens is, that people generally get together once a year to sing "Jolly Good Fellow" for this one person who they have made their friend and confidante. They throw in some party hats, cake, good times and gifts, on the side. And this here thing is known as a Birthday.

When my friends have this thing coming up, I generally do a lot to make it special. I usually do good. I think I made a mistake there.

Now, I had one of these things too. And I was pretty excited, yes I was.

But I think my friends didn't quite get the memo on that. There was no love and no cheer. Not a single smiling face till I bribed them with chocolate cakes to look awake. They even went through all the trouble of falling asleep in the restaurant. Did I mention, they decided I'm all off a sudden too old for gifts? They say they'll do better from now on. I know they won't even try.

I shouldn't rant about it really, but they wont even read this post so I may as well.

But then again, some of you reading this tried everything you could do under the circumstances. You know, you're the best. People are awfully lucky to have you in their lives.

Signing Out,
Severely Disappointed.