Heartaches By The Number

What happens is, that people generally get together once a year to sing "Jolly Good Fellow" for this one person who they have made their friend and confidante. They throw in some party hats, cake, good times and gifts, on the side. And this here thing is known as a Birthday.

When my friends have this thing coming up, I generally do a lot to make it special. I usually do good. I think I made a mistake there.

Now, I had one of these things too. And I was pretty excited, yes I was.

But I think my friends didn't quite get the memo on that. There was no love and no cheer. Not a single smiling face till I bribed them with chocolate cakes to look awake. They even went through all the trouble of falling asleep in the restaurant. Did I mention, they decided I'm all off a sudden too old for gifts? They say they'll do better from now on. I know they won't even try.

I shouldn't rant about it really, but they wont even read this post so I may as well.

But then again, some of you reading this tried everything you could do under the circumstances. You know, you're the best. People are awfully lucky to have you in their lives.

Signing Out,
Severely Disappointed.


Sherry Wasandi said...

...and then we grow up. Which is actually just an allusion towards the fact that we turn even more cynical(if that be possible) and stop expecting things.

Then there are those who go crazy with it and start expecting the very worst from people and situations, just of the pleasure of never being disappointed/occasionally being surprised.

Hobson's choice, I guess.

:) Well, I think you're awesome. And all you need is to bask in your 19 year old awesomeness. I, for one, consider myself lucky to have gotten to know you.

Leonardo said...

My wingies pooled in money from their empty pockets and got me speakers! Even when they know that they'd be the ones suffering the most because of these!

I guess you just have to demand what you want. A friend took it to an extreme, handing out wishlists to her friends and telling everyone exactly how expensive their gift should be. Hai na idea? :P

Kirra Serra said...

While reading that post I got this sudden urge to find you and give you a nice warm hug, an activity I generally prefer to not indulge in.
How very disturbing.
Also, since I missed it, Happy Birthday. You should have let me know when it was and I would have ensured a rocking cyber-party.

Anty said...

@ Sherry: Not yet. I choose to remain hopeful and childlike till the 27th of December. That's a week after four of my closest friends finish with their exams and I believe in their bonds of friendship.

At the very least, the managed to make it a very entertaining and merry birthday over the phone :)

If they too, leave me in despair I shall give up expecting from anybody and anything.

Your wishes made it a special birthday, one showing how lines of thought connect and irrevocably tangle up forming such awesomeness :D

Anty said...

@ Leonardo: I demanded some small things and those I received. Then again, I would have gotten them without demanding. It's the attitude behind not giving a gift that puts me off, not the fact that I didn't receive any.

P.S. I sent a wishlist. It contained only books.

@ Kirra: I really do need all the hugs I can get. I feel overjoyed with the thought though. It's 7th December. I'll look out for a cyber party next year :D

Kirra Serra said...

You are so one! :D

Mishika said...

awe...we're in the same boat, so I know exactly what you must've felt like. :(